Valentine's Nail Art Ideas

Nail Designs for Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a fun nail art design. This is a great way to express your appreciation for the day and a perfect finishing touch for the outfit you're wearing to celebrate with your sweetie!

You can easily dress up a French manicure by adding heart-shape nail gems and other embellishments to the color line.

Red and White French Manicure

If you love the French Manicure look but aren't a fan of embellishments, this red and white look is a great option to try. Simply polish the main part of your nails with a rich red shade and finish of the tips with white.

Hearts on the Tip

French manicures aren't the only option for dressing up the tips of your nails. For this look, start out with a bright red base and add some heart-shaped decals and nail art gems to the tips.

If you have a steady hand, you can create these open hearts by drawing them on using a thin brush.

All-Over Hearts

Nail art pens provide a simple way to create seasonal designs. The Valentine's Day look here was created by Angela Parro, using Hot Designs? Nail Art Pens.

To get this look, Parro instructs, "Paint your nail with a solid color for your base. Once the color is dry, use the fine tip pen to make three small dots, then connect the dots in a 'v' shape, to form a heart. Seal with a top coat."

Silver Nails With Red Hearts

If you want to add a touch of color to your base nail color but you like lighter shades, consider a shimmering silver polish. This metallic shade is the perfect backdrop for bright pink or red hearts arranged in a curving design.

Use decals or draw them on yourself using a brush or nail art pen.

Valentine's Day Flowers

Valentine's Day isn't only about hearts - flowers are also a good choice. For this look, start with a bright pink base and use a brush or nail art pen to draw lines, dots and lovely flowers.

Color-Block Design

If your idea of Valentine's Day nail art doesn't include hearts or flowers, this lovely color-block design done in shades of white, pink and red is a great option to consider.

Since the nails don't have to be identical to one another, this is a great option for novice DIY nail artists. Keep with a similar basic design theme for each of your nails, alternating blocks of the polish shades you have selected.

Red Roses Nail Wraps

Nail art wraps are a great way to get long-lasting designs that are fairly elaborate. This Red Roses Minx design from Zazzle is a great option for anyone who loves traditional red roses as a way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

You can apply them yourself or find a Minx salon in your area.

Shot in the Heart Nail Art Designs

This Zazzle nail wrap design is called Valentine Shot in the Heart. If you're not a fan of pink and red, preferring instead the dark colors of goth or steampunk style for Valentine's Day, this design might be perfect for your February 14 wardrobe.

Before applying nail art, show some love to your nails with a great DIY manicure (or a salon visit!) so your hands look - and feel - their best. Don't neglect your toes, either. Take steps to make your toes look good with a sexy pedicure!

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Valentine's Nail Art Ideas