Valentine's Day Makeup

Valentine's Day makeup
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Look ravishing for a night in or an evening out with vibrant Valentine's Day makeup.

About Valentine's Day Makeup

A woman may celebrate Valentine's Day in different ways according to her relationship status or her excitement for the holiday. A typical Valentine date could be a trip to a movie or a dinner out with her favorite guy. Regardless of her marital status, in honor of the 'love holiday' many women will wear special Valentine's Day makeup. Every lady wants to look gorgeous when she accepts the traditional gift of flowers, candy and possibly jewelry.

The color most associated with Valentine's Day is red. Mimic the color of the red rose by wearing this lush shade on your lips and cheeks. Valentine's makeup is expected to be bright and colorful with a big play on lips, but be careful not to look overdone. Create the perfect romantic makeup look and add a few surprising extras to show your love for Cupid's appointed day.

The Perfect Foundation

The actual holiday is no time to test new makeup so give yourself a week or two before the big day to avoid possible allergic reactions. If dancing cheek to cheek is part of your game plan, then think about makeup transfer. Rubbing off on your guy's suit coat or dress shirt will not be appreciated. Pick a good makeup foundation then set it. Try these tips for cutting down makeup transfers.

  • Apply face primer to your skin before putting on your makeup. Face primer will keep your look intact despite shedding tears of joy or getting caught in a rain shower.
  • Rub on oil-free moisturizer before applying makeup. It will make your foundation look smooth and flawless.
  • Try mineral powder foundation for a softer look with little transfer.
  • Set liquid or creamy makeup with a translucent finishing powder.

Rosy Cheeks

Be cheeky with your Valentine's Day makeup. Think light and rosy, but not too noticeable. On your cheeks dust on a blush cheek duo placing the darkest shade under the cheekbones. Top the apples and the upper portion of the cheek with the lightest color. If you use cream to powder or mousse makeup, rub on creamy blush with your fingertips.

Kiss Me Lips

Get that steamy Valentine kiss without even asking. Prep and design your lips to last the whole date. Select a red shade of lipstick that complements your skin tone and makes your teeth look whiter. Some lipsticks have an orange, purple or even blue base and each looks different when on various skin tones. Try samples if possible. Put these steps into practice for voluptuous-looking lips.

  1. Exfoliate your lips a day or two before Valentine's Day to remove dry skin.
  2. Follow the treatment up with a soothing lip balm.
  3. Apply a lip primer to your lips. This will hold the color in place even after snacking and smooching.
  4. Line your lips with a red lip liner. To get bigger looking lips line outside the natural lip line. To make your lips appear small make your lines just inside the natural lip line.
  5. Dab on lipstick to your top and lower lip. Resist the urge to rub your lips together. This will ruin your makeup look.
  6. Top off the lip look with a lip plumper gloss. Allow your gloss to rest for a minute before kissing. Your lips may tingle a bit from the gloss.

Eye Love You

Because your lips are going to look so dramatic and fabulous keep your eye makeup minimal. Use clean, dramatic lines on your eyes and be generous with the waterproof mascara. Here is a simple one-color eyeshadow look that will give your eye a nice flattering shape.

  1. Apply eye primer to your eyelids. Let the primer dry one minute before proceeding.
  2. Use your fingertips to dab on vanilla or sand tone liquid eyeshadow to your entire lid. For darker skin tones, use a taupe or smooth brown eyeshadow.
  3. Draw eyeliner on the top lashes. Draw from the inside to the outside. Sweep the eyeliner a little past the natural lash line and give them a little lift at the end.
  4. Skip the liner on the bottom or only line half the bottom. Line from the outside of the eye to directly under the pupil.
  5. Paint on mascara by using the tip of the wand first then turning it sideways and adding volume.

Look your best for Valentine's Day with a flattering makeup application.

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Valentine's Day Makeup