Scene Makeup Styles

Scene style
Create and edgy makeup style!

If you want to create a unique and artistic face, consider some of the following scene makeup styles, as these looks are sure to turn heads, and inspire your creativity.

Easy Scene Makeup Styles

Scene makeup styles are very similar to goth, punk and emo looks. Whether you want to create an edgy party face perfect for a night on the town, or need a dark and mysterious style that's sure to entrance, the following style basics can be custom fit to flatter your unique look. Get creative and artful with your cosmetic brushes and transform into a wilder version of you!

That said, you don't need to layer on the makeup to create edgy scene makeup styles. Often it's the small details that can help you morph into a club kid. False lashes, glitter products or a smudged kohl pencil are effortless ways to create punk and rock looks. The following list of cosmetic staples are all perfect for creating a variety of easy to wear scene looks.

White Eyeliner

Traditionally used to widen and brighten the eye area, white eyeliner is an artsy and edgy cosmetic staple that can be worn in so many different ways. If you want a clean and sexy eye, pair white eyeliner with a neutral shadow and lots of black mascara. For a funky twist, pair white liner with a fashion hair color and a dark vampy lipstick. Pink hair, black lips and white eye liner make for a very feminine yet rebellious scene style.

Black Liner

Who can resist smudged eyeliner at any dark and mysterious club? Layer on the kohl pencil for eyes that are deep and brooding. While regular black pencils can be used to create a smoky eye, consider opting for loose kohl powder and use a freehand technique known as white-lining to add depth and drama to your inner rims. Paired with pale makeup, this look lends itself to goth style effortlessly. Add some bronzer, glitter and gold lipstick and your new scene look borders on mythical rather than dark. Get creative and try out the many ways dark liner can create style.

Mascara and Lashes

Whether you opt for dramatic false eyelashes or work with your own, lashes are an important element in scene makeup. For a punk look, opt for fashionable colored lashes. If you're working an emo edge, opt for a dark purple or black lash. Goth fans may wear a red or burgundy mascara to help create a mysterious and otherworldly look. Consider artful lashes that feature unique varied lengths, tipped ends or glitter and bling for an added layer of quirk.


If you're painting the town red, keep lipstick low maintenance to avoid touch-ups. A lip stain is a great scene makeup staple that's perfect for on the go touchups.Dark red and cherry hues add just the right amount of drama and pair beautifully with a variety of eye makeup styles. Should you decide to forgo the lip stain for a more traditional lipstick, consider wearing tried and tested fashion colors such as red or bright pink to turn heads in a dark room.

Practice Your Technique

Before you can master your scene makeup, you'll need to practice a technique. If you're opting for cat eye inspiration, make sure you work with a quality brush or liner that is easy for you to apply. It's important to invest in a few basic brushes that will help you create a variety of scene cosmetic styles with ease. In addition,keep a neutral or white setting powder on hand at all times to finish and set your makeup application.

No matter your scene style, whether it be emo and dark or feminine and anime, take the time to perfect your palette and technique. If you need help with application techniques, don't discount the wealth of information found behind department store cosmetic counters .Beauty consultants are always eager to share tips and tricks to help you master any makeup style. Once you've pinned down your exclusive scene style, feel free to explore the makeup world without abandon. Creativity and exploration are key in creating memorable and striking scene looks.

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