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Beauty trends are always pushing the envelope. Now that bolder makeup looks have become common, thanks to social media, online tutorials, and celebrity inspiration, companies are looking for fresh new ways to stand out. The release of a glitter lipstick line from Gerard Cosmetics is one noteworthy example.

Gerard Glitter Lipsticks Shades

Some brands steer clear of products that are flashy or out of the ordinary. Not Gerard Cosmetics! Their release of three glitter lipsticks has generated serious buzz for its bold formula. In fact, a PopSugar article warned that these were so glittery they "may blind passers-by." The shades included in the line are:

  • All Access (a burgundy color with flecks of gold)
  • Fame (a rose gold shade with gold and silver glitter woven through)
  • Hollywood BLVD (a nude lipstick packed with sparkle and shine)

These are all extremely wearable, despite the glitter, making them a suitable addition to almost any makeup look. The warm tones and nude colors ensure that each lipstick is flattering, fashion-forward, and a fabulous choice for a wide array of beauty lovers.

Where to Buy

Glitter Lipstick
Glitter Lipstick

With a price tag of around $20 per tube, these glitter lipsticks fall somewhere between drugstore and high-end. They come in glamorous golden packaging and are sure to make a statement in your makeup collection. Those interested in trying out these glittery products for themselves can find them online.

They are available from several retailers, including Gerard Cosmetics, Amazon, Dolls Kill, and HB Beauty Bar.

Pros and Cons to Consider

Unsure whether these lipsticks are for you? Then consider the many positive traits associated with them. For starters, they are cruelty free, gluten free, and made in the USA. Additionally, the lipstick formula simplifies the often messy and challenging process of using loose glitter to create a dazzling glitter lip at home. There are also reviews to consider (such as the YouTube one above), where users described the formula as soft, smooth, and comfortable on the lips.

There are drawbacks to factor in as well. For instance, a YouTube review on the collection found the consistency too soft, and noted that it can result in breakage. They also mentioned that since the lipsticks are infused with glitter, they are on the gritty side. Additionally, the pigmentation level varies from tube to tube. Shades like Fame and All Access were more pigmented and shimmery than Hollywood BLVD, which is straight glitter.

How to Wear Glitter Lipstick All Year Long

Glitter lips and metallic nails

Though this line was released as part of the Gerard Cosmetics holiday collection, these glitter lipsticks can be incorporated into makeup looks all year round. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Let your lips be the focus. When you have a product as over-the-top as glitter lipstick, sometimes it is best to let your lips be the star. According to a Style Caster article on chic ways to wear glitter lipstick, pairing dewy skin, natural makeup, and this bold lip look is an ideal choice. Stick to mascara, brown eyeshadow, and a bit of well-placed highlighter. The result will be breathtaking.
  • Pair it with a smokey eye. Few makeup looks are as glamorous as a traditional smokey eye. InStyle recommends pairing a dark charcoal eye with a terracotta-tinted lip. Make sure the look is a knockout by wearing something like All Access. It will infuse the look with both fun and elegance.
  • Embrace metallics. The glitter lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics are infused with gold and silver flecks, which is why it makes sense to embrace metallics all over the face. Apply a gold shimmery eyeshadow on the eyelids, layer a silver-toned highlight over a bronzed cheek, and finish it all off with a glitter lip look. Mixed metals are all the rage!
  • Holiday makeup. Of course, glitter and the winter season always go hand in hand. (After all, this was part of a holiday collection!) To infuse a seasonal look with an extra dose of sparkle and shimmer, pair one of these warm-toned glitter lipsticks with a frosty white, silver, or light blue eyeshadow shade. The contrast between hot and cold will lead to unforgettable results.

Application Tips and Tricks

While glitter finishes look fantastic, they can be hard on the lips. This is especially true if you deal with dryness or are wearing these dynamic formulas during the cooler times of the year. To keep your pout smooth and hydrated (and to help the glitter lipstick last), start by gently exfoliating. Something like the Elf Lip Exfoliator works well or you can make your own lip scrub using coconut oil, brown sugar, and honey.

Following the exfoliation process, add on a balm or some Vaseline to add moisture back into the lips. Wait five to ten minutes for the product to sink in completely and then reach for your tube of glitter lipstick. A bit of preparation will make it more comfortable to wear, not to mention look better and last longer.

More About the Gerard Cosmetics Line

Gerard Cosmetics has established itself as a must-have brand thanks to its massive social media following, collaborations with beauty influencers, and a desire to infuse makeup essentials with glamorous and innovative twists. The latter certainly describes the release of their glitter lipstick line. It offers users the chance to embrace a bold new finish - and allows the brand to stand out from the sea of matte liquid lipstick lines that have become popular in the last several years.

Be Bold and Have Fun With Glitter

It's time to step out of your makeup comfort zone. The glitter lipstick line from Gerard Cosmetics is just one example of the many ways you can have fun with your next look. Don't be afraid to do something different and channel your creativity into something beautiful, glittery, and utterly jaw-dropping. All eyes will be on you!

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