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Spring makeup should be as light and refreshing as the season in which you wear it. Spring is a time for renewal and new beginnings. Many women look forward to it as a chance to update their wardrobes and hairstyles. Makeup should not be any different. Focus on soft colors and a light hand and your look will fall right in line with the new season.

Spring Makeup Tips

For the most spring-like makeup, follow these tips:

  • Ditch the heavy foundation: With warmer weather on the horizon, heavy coats and wool sweaters are going back into the closet. Along with a more lightweight wardrobe, your makeup should lighten up as well. Cakey foundations are not in tune with the season. Look for airbrush, misting or other lightweight foundation formulas. If your complexion is already gorgeous, forget the base altogether -- simply brush on loose powder.
  • Stick with light colors: Dramatic red lips are perfect for fall and winter, but for spring makeup looks, bring out lighter lipsticks in shades of pink, coral and mauve. One of the advantages of sheer lip colors is not needing a lip liner, so this may save you valuable time. Simply apply lipstick and follow with a light coat of gloss. Eye shadow should be similarly light in tone: lavender, sky blue and natural taupe can replace violet, indigo and chocolate brown. Instead of contouring and creating shadows, sweep one color across your lids, follow up with a coat or two of mascara on curled lashes and that's it.
  • Go natural: A natural spring makeup look is fresh and polished. Don't pile on the makeup, but use a light hand for application. You can still use mascara, liner, blush, lipstick and eye shadow, but try one coat of everything instead of two, and blend well to create soft edges. A natural look doesn't mean "bare" so don't think you have to go without makeup.
  • Use mineral makeup: Once winter is over, you'll probably spend a lot more time outdoors, enjoying the weather. Add mineral cosmetics to your spring makeup arsenal and get ready to glow. Mineral powders can give your skin a dewy appearance that's sure to make you look radiant.
  • Going dark: Although spring makeup calls for lightness, you can still go a little dark, but save it for evenings. A swipe of red lipstick, blotted and then topped with a light layer of gloss still fits into the season without being too heavy. Play up your eyes for a nighttime date, but if that's your area of focus, downplay the rest of your face with nude lips and barely-there blush.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great season for clearing out your makeup kit. If there's anything in there that's too dark and dreary for new spring makeup looks, ditch it. Give those makeup brushes and sponges a thorough cleaning and purchase a few new cosmetics to celebrate the new season. Maybe there's a spring makeup trend or two you'd like to try, such as turquoise eye liner or peach lip gloss. Just make sure any trends you follow are flattering and fit in with your complexion and undertones.

New Beginnings

Makeup is all about fun and experimentation. What better time of year to try something new than spring? As long as you keep your application light and focus on colors that bring out your natural beauty, your makeup will go hand-in-hand with your lighter wardrobe, making you ready for everything the new season brings.

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Spring Makeup