Spring Colors for Nails

Spring's Top Three


Spring colors for nails do not all come from the standard spring pink color palette. Actually, the top three colors chosen by stylists are a golden peach, a minty green and a coral blend. Stash these three in your nail kit for spring nail beauty. Wear full nail polish coverage or go half moon with these bright, made-for-spring colors.

Short Spring Manicures


Your spring nail style should start with short, neatly trimmed nails. To make nails look ultra chic and cleanly trimmed, clip them after you paint them. Be sure to use sharp nail clippers to get the straight look, and follow by buffing the edges with a nail polish. Try a soft pink or white nail polish for a fresh spring look.

Mixed Nail Fashions


Visit a nail salon or try this spring style at home. A mixed nail fashion look alternates nails between a pink half moon style with a decorative nail design. Match the nail embellishment colors with the nail polish you will be using.

Lime Green for Spring


Paint long nails a bright lime green. Dress up even the simplest of summer outfits with this sunny color.

Deep Pink Shades


There's no need to wait for summer to don bright nails! This spring, bold pink shades will you put on trend target. Paint both your fingernails and toenails or just one of the two.

Coral Colors


Accentuate olive and tan skin tones by wearing coral fingernail polish, and make your look more dramatic by wearing a matching shade of lipstick.

Is Hot Pink For You?


Hot pink may not be the number one nail polish this year, since it is still a crowd favorite. Find a hot pink nail color that makes you feel bright and springy!

Go for the Gold


Looking for an unusual spring color for nails? Try wearing gold. Wear a metallic gold or a polish that has less shimmer.

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Spring Colors for Nails