Silk Wrap Nails

Silk lends nails a flawless finish.

Whether your nails are healthy or strong, you may benefit from applying silk wrap nails. Silk is just one of several different types of elements used to create a healthier, more attractive nail.

Different Types of Nail Reinforcements

Ask any woman who's ever dealt with stubborn, brittle, dry or weak nails: It can be quite a challenge getting them back into great shape. Even women with so-called "perfect" fingernails may find themselves wishing that their nails were in just slightly better shape.

In both cases, nail reinforcements can come in quite helpful. There are several different types of nail reinforcements commonly used in salons and by consumers today, including acrylics, gels and silks. The various elements have their own specific benefits, and some are better for specific nail types than others.

About Silk Wrap Nails

The silk wrap nail procedure is an excellent choice for individuals whose nails are naturally weak, cracked, brittle or otherwise damaged. Its main goal is to help strengthen the nail, but it also leaves them looking gorgeous! The treatment essentially involves placing a synthetic reinforcement constructed of silk or fiberglass on the nail. These small fabric pieces are shaped to the fingernail's size and applied with a sealant. Once the sealant has dried, the silk wrap is smoothed down with a buffer. The end result is a clean, flawless and smooth finish with a delicate sheen.

What Makes Them Different

By nature, silk is delicate, thin and lightweight. This material lends itself well to a more brittle nail, and thus is always a kinder, gentler option than, for example, acrylic. On the other hand, silk is also quite fragile. For that reason, it's not the best choice for those who lead very active lifestyles, engage in regular manual labor, or participate in sports.

Since silk is so delicate, it also happens to be thinner than acrylic and thus looks more realistic and natural. In fact, it's usually so natural in appearance that it can easily be mistaken for a real fingernail. The thin material also allows the nails to breathe easily, a stark contrast to the snug fit of a binding acrylic (which, in some cases, can even cause infections if fungus begins to grow beneath it).

How They Are Applied

Silk wrap nails can only be applied on completely clean, dirt-free nails. Once the nails are spotless, they are then buffed to smoothness. This helps ensure that the silk will properly attach to the natural nail. The silk wrap is cut precisely to fit your nail. A surface resin is applied to secure the wrap, and the nails are then buffed once again to smooth out any potential lumps and bumps. Once the nails are perfectly even, dust is brushed away and cuticles are moisturized. It is a good idea to wash your hands once the nails have been applied to remove any excess debris. A glassy sealant may be applied on top to secure the silk and provide a high-gloss finish.

Using Nail Polish

You can certainly apply nail polish to your silk wrap nails. Many individuals, though, simply love the clean finish of a silk wrap and opt for the natural look instead. Consider this when deciding whether or not to use color on your silk wraps. It's often a good idea to leave them bare, especially if you are using the wraps for the purpose of temporarily covering up a damaged nail. Doing this allows the damaged nail to grow out, and you can easily keep an eye on it for re-growth, as well.

Application and Removal

Application of silk wraps is a job best left to a professional nail technician. When it's time for the wraps to be removed, it's all the more important to have this procedure done at a salon. Though it's possible to remove them at home, it's much healthier for your nails if it's done the proper way. You'll reduce the risk of tearing or breaking your own nails, too. Of course, if you absolutely prefer to do it yourself, you can - just make sure that you take your time and be patient. It can take a while, and should not be rushed.

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