Sexy Spring Makeup

Sexy Spring Makeup Styles

If you are looking for sexy spring makeup, then you'll be happy to know that it's a look that is easy to achieve. Even better is the fact that many different types of makeup are both sheer enough and colorful enough to give off that sexy vibe in spring.

Here, bold lips and strategic bronzer combine for a sensuous, pouty, and great, warm-weather look.

A Touch of Color

Color usually dominates in the spring because it is reflective of the blooming nature that's all around. If you like to play if safe and stick to hues you know, why not take a bit of a chance and just add a dash of color? The result is sexy, but not overpowering.

Golden Sunset

As the days grow longer, you'll want to be outside playing, and your makeup should reflect that same, care-free attitude. Metallics, gloss and bright bush will help you achieve the look in spades.

Vibrant Violets

Sheer color that can be layered is key for spring. This allows you to experiment with different hues, but you also get to decide just how opaque you'd like the finished product to be. Pale or nude lips are key to pulling off strong eyes like these.

Sultry Spring Evenings

If warm weather makes you want to kick up your heels, be sure that your makeup works in conjunction with that spirit. Strong eye makeup paired with red lips is definitely a show-stopper that will have you attracting attention all night!

Daytime Mystique

However, don't save all of your great looks for the nighttime hours. Sheer, pretty colors, like nutmeg and dusk can perform beauty magic when paired with strong, but neat, brows. A toned-down but sexy look like this can work well for spring days.

Sexy Nude Tones

When your makeup is this sheer, you won't mind having a close-up encounter of your own. This new take on nude veers away from monochrome, as the eyes get defined with plenty of mascara and liner.

Sherbert Rainbow

Why not get inspired from that last Italian icy you had? Sheer pink and green, like these featured colors, are sure to get you noticed. If this look has a bit too much drama for you, why not keep the fuchsia lips, but pair it with a neutral eye? The result will still be fabulous.

City Slicker

In need of a sexy sheer look that's still sophisticated enough for city dwelling? Lilac eyes, peach lips and a touch of apricot blush will have everyone saying ooh la la! Can't get enough of sexy looks? If so, go to the house that built sexy styles and see how the Victoria Secret models get it done, time and again.

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Sexy Spring Makeup