Sexy French Pedicure with Long Toenails

Sexy French Pedicure with Long Toenails

Alluring and eye-catching, a sexy French pedicure with long toenails is great for several reasons. A longer toenail length means more room for creative nail design. Even if the pedicure is kept simple and classic, however, long toenails help elongate the foot, creating a slim line. Long nails with sleek French tips are also sophisticated, whether in bare feet or in sexy shoes.

Wild French Pedicures

Modern French pedicures can be anything you want, including unique, creative designs like zebra stripes or animal prints on the tips. Slim line nail pens are available at most beauty supply stores and make it easy to achieve fun designs like this.

Intricate Details

Once you have a French pedicure base, you can add intricate details, like floral designs, swirls, and dots to add personality to your nails.

Glittering French Pedicure

Another way to add flair to French tips is by adding a line of glitter, rhinestones, or other sparkling embellishment under the white line at the top of the nail. This works particularly well with longer toenails; on a shorter nail the style may look choppy rather than sexy.

Colored Tips

You can also get as creative as you'd like with the tip colors. Red or maroon polishes look classy and fun, and you can still incorporate white by including a line of white or adding white design details.

Sexy Single French Tip

If you don't have time to do a French pedicure on all your nails, consider adding a French tip design to a single nail as a focal point. Just choose a polish that harmonizes with the polish you're wearing. The bold red and glitter in this look, for example, is sexy and sophisticated.

Illusion of Length

If you want to make your nails appear even longer, use a more monochrome French pedicure on your toes. A white base with the opaque white tips in this style, for example, elongates the line of the nail.

Naturally Alluring

Don't underestimate the alluring power of a natural-looking French pedicure. A well-done pedicure with a nude base and white tips can be just as sexy as a bolder or more colorful design.

Add Accessories

Spice up a simple French pedicure by adding a floral detail to a single nail, or consider using accessories to make the look even more unique. Toe rings, anklets, and barefoot sandals are available at many jewelry stores to create the perfect pretty feet for a special occasion.

Sexy Toes

You don't have to be barefoot to show off a sexy French pedicure with long toenails. Strappy sandals, pretty peep-toe shoes, and even flip-flops let your pedicure take center stage.

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Sexy French Pedicure with Long Toenails