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Whether you're shopping for yourself or the special man on your gift list, Salvatore Ferragamo F Black cologne makes an elegant choice. Perfect for dressy occasions or daily wear, take a look at what's behind the ongoing popularity of this scent.

Understanding Fragrance Notes

Fragrance buying can be intimidating, especially after testing bottle after bottle in the department stores only to discover you can no longer differentiate between them. Buying a fragrance as a gift can be even more challenging, considering you're not quite sure how the dry down will smell on the recipient. This is where it helps to understand the fragrance notes and how they affect the end result of a scent.

Fragrances consist of three notes, a top, a middle and bottom. The top note in the first scent found in the cologne. Immediately after sprit zing, the top note begins to dissipate and dry down, creating a sensory journey to the middle notes. The middle notes are the meatiest of the fragrance body.

Usually heavily layered, the middle notes help create the main fragrance and dry down very slowly. Following the middle note is the base notes, which are likeliest the most subtle and smooth portion of the fragrance, as well as the longest lasting. If you find yourself turning your nose up at a cologne upon first spritz, give it a few minutes and let the fragrance carry you through all of the notes. You may just change your mind.

About Salvatore Ferragamo F Black Cologne

f black cologne

The artful blend found in F by Ferragamo Pour Homme Black is intense and rich, perfect for the man who appreciate the finer things in life. Salvatore Ferragamo F Black cologne is an elegant, timeless and sophisticated fragrance perfect for the mysterious and sensual metropolitan man. Take a look at the enticing notes found in this amber wooded scent:

  • Lavender Absolute
  • Juicy apple
  • Black pepper
  • Madagascar
  • Coriander seeds
  • Laudanum
  • Tonka bean

Similar Fragrances

If you love Salvatore Ferragamo F Black cologne and hope to find another similar fragrance, the following fine fragrances may appeal to you. Be sure to shop within the wooded and amber scent categories for closest results.

  • Givenchy Very Irrestistable
  • Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Prada Amber Pour Homme
  • Lacoste Pour Homme
  • Vera Wang for Men
  • Armani by Giorgio Armani

Where to Buy

Christmas and special holidays including Father's Day and Valentine's Day are some of the most popular occasions to purchase cologne, which means gift sets are abundant and special soaps, powders and even shaving creams often come free with the original fragrance purchase. If you're in the market for Salvatore Black cologne, check your local department stores for the best gift sets. If you're an Internet shopper, the following Websites carry various sizes of F by Ferragamo Pour Homme Black in various sizes and price points.

It's not easy shopping for the distinguished man on your gift list. While fragrance remains a very personal choice, the mysterious and sensual side of Ferragamo F Black cologne is sure to please any man who appreciates a deep and smoldering scent. Whether you plan on stuffing a stocking with this irresistible scent or just need an excuse to spoil yourself with a sophisticated fragrance, look no further than F by Ferragamo Pour Homme Black for masculine elegance.

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Salvatore Ferragamo F Black Cologne