Quick Makeup Tips

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Looking gorgeous doesn't have to take hours in front of the mirror, fancy techniques, or expensive products. A quick makeup application is completely in reach with the right tools, tips, and techniques. A simple quick regime can have you looking radiant in three to five minutes whether you're racing to work or dashing out to dance.

Proper Tools

The proper tools make all the difference in how makeup will appear on your face, especially when applying it quickly. When racing against time, there isn't a moment to spare for fixing smudges. Fortunately, a quality brush will grab and apply your makeup with ease.

  • Consider investing in a quality brush set like the Sephora Collection Deluxe Antibacterial Brush Set for efficient and effective makeup application.
  • A large powder face brush such as the Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush from Sephora blends and applies foundation fast and flawlessly.
    • When looking for a quality brush, expect to pay between $25 and $100.
    • Features that indicate quality include natural bristles and nice brush shape.
  • For amazing illumination, consider a MAC Large Fluff Brush for quickly applying eye shadow.
    • When selecting an eye shadow brush go for one that has natural bristles.
    • Also choose one that has a flat, blunt head. A flatter head allows for better concentration of the eye shadow, which is perfect for applying color quickly.
    • Expect to pay $15 to $75 for a quality large shadow brush.
  • Eyelash curlers can give a tired eye amazing lift in a snap, but if you use one that is not not properly designed, it can crimp your lashes, leaving an unwanted indent.
    • Eyelash curlers come in a variety of price points and a couple of styles. The Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler from tarte is a good option.
    • Generally, the higher priced lash curlers are the best quality options. Expect to pay between $2 to $50 for a quality curler.


Your complexion is the foundation on which your entire look is built. You don't have to spend a lot of time on face makeup to get your look off to a good start. It only takes a few seconds to even out your complexion, and the time you spend on this part of your makeup routine will help you look your absolute best.


Don't overlook the benefit of adding a bit of color to your cheeks. There are quick techniques that meet your needs whether you just want to add a bit of a healthy glow to your face or if you're looking for a nice touch of color or a contouring technique.

  • To brighten your cheeks quickly, consider a Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks versus a powder blush. A quick dab of a cream blush blended into the apples of your cheeks (and perhaps on your lips) can you give a much-needed boost and glow in seconds.
  • If you are just seeking soft rosy cheeks, a tarte cheek stain will work wonders with a no-nonsense application.
  • For instant cheek bones, consider a quick contouring with bronzer. Use a c-shaped application, starting at the forehead and ending under the apple of your cheek.


Hurried eye makeup does not have to consist of an application of a jet black eye pencil in the waterline of your eye or a touch of mascara. You can achieve a good look quickly.

  • Amazing concealer, a great choice to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, can also serve double-duty as the perfect primer to keep your eye makeup - shadows, mascara, and liners - from creasing and bleeding.
    • Taking a quick second to apply primer will keep you from having to spend time reapplying any eye makeup.
    • Even more, a good quality concealer is the perfect weapon to wipe out zits in a flash!
  • Take a large eye shadow brush and pat a highlighter shadow (generally ivory, pale pink, nude, or taupe) onto your brow bone only. Nyx Hot Singles has some shades that can work wonders. This quick technique can give the illusion that the crease of your eye is darker.
  • Shadow palettes that feature multiple colors selected to work well together, such as IT Cosmetics Eye Shadow Trio and the Sonia Kashuk Eye Palette, can help you save time. These kits include coordinating highlighter and accent or crease colors, eliminating any guesswork for deciding what shades go together.
  • A black or dark brown eyeliner with smudger, such as this option from Bobbi Brown, applied to the upper lash line only and slightly smudged can add instant glamour. This technique makes the eyes look larger and pop, even without any other eye makeup applied.
  • Mascara provides incredible depth to the eye, especially mascara in the color black. When you're in a hurry, apply two coats to your top lashes only as a way of adding dimension to your face in seconds.
  • Eyelash curlers can sometimes be viewed as scary contraptions, but using this tool for a quick ten seconds on each eye can make anyone look like she has had hours of beauty sleep


No time to apply lip liner and lipstick? Rushing out the door with a naked face? Adding lip color can have tremendous impact to bring a face from average to awesome lickety split.

  • Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils will give instant color plus a crisp edge without the two-step process of applying both lip liner and lipstick.
  • Be Legendary Lip Lacquer from smashbox can conquer any dull face. This product's richly pigmented shiny finish in your favorite hue, combined with a stroke of cream blush, can refresh your face in a flash.
  • When purchasing your favorite lipstick, always buy a coordinating lip liner. Lip liners not only give lipstick a crisp finished look, they also aid in keeping your lipstick on.
    • For long wearing color, consider lining your lips and filling them in with the lip liner before applying your lipstick.
    • The lip liner adheres to the lips better than the lipstick, so as your lipstick wears off you'll still have color underneath when you use this technique.
  • Choose a good quality lipstick, such as Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick, that won't have to be constantly re-applied. This can help keep you looking radiant all day long.
  • For those who love lip balm, a tarte lipSurgence Lip Tint gives long lasting color and hydration without requiring you to spend time touching up.

Fast and Fabulous

Looking fabulous isn't rocket science. There is no need for your makeup regime to take forever. Using these simple tools and tips will have you picture perfect in minutes. The days of multi- step makeup madness are gone forever!

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