The Pink French Manicure

Bottle of opalescent pink nail polish

Every woman should know the basics of giving herself a pink French Manicure. This beauty treatment is an easy way to give your hands a polished, chic look.

Gorgeous Hands Without the Fuss

A quick flip through a copy of In Style or US Weekly is more than proof enough of the French Manicure's popularity amongst the Hollywood elite. The look is sleek, smart and feminine, but doesn't require a lot of maintenance or upkeep. That, however, is only part of its great appeal. The French Manicure is appropriate for every occasion. It lends the nails an extremely natural, unfussy look. French Manicures are ideal for many situations:

  • Professionals love it because it's a clean look. It's sophisticated, but doesn't require a great amount of flash or drama to look attractive.
  • Brides love it because it doesn't call attention away from the wedding dress and accessories. It's considered the color du jour for the modern wedding.
  • Young women of high school and college age love it because it's trendy and glamorous at once.

Colors Galore

The beauty of the French Manicure is in its simple finish. Simple, however, does not have to mean boring! While the classic choice for a French Manicure is a cream or ivory shade, other choices are just as appropriate and natural. They might seem unexpected, but these colors look glamorous when done right:

  • Shimmery lilac
  • Iridescent blue
  • Sheer rose pink
  • Pearlescent silver

Don't let the lilac, blue and silver color choices scare you away. They might be a bit more adventurous than the standard low-key hues, but they look just as effortless, discreet and modest. If the idea of using anything but the usual suspects throws you off, though, consider the pink French Manicure instead.

Using pink nail varnish as the main color, the look lends the nails a soft, barely-there hint of tint. Coupled with the white tips, the varnish appears especially luminous and enhances the nails beautifully.

The At-Home Pink French Manicure

Many women make it a habit to visit the nail salon every few weeks for their routine manicure and pedicure fix. This can be a costly habit, but one that affords a woman the pampering and luxury associated with treatment by a qualified professional.

Fortunately, French Manicures don't actually require the use of a professional; in fact, they are surprisingly simple to do at home. While the first few attempts might start out a bit rocky, it won't be long before you'll call yourself a manicuring expert!

Finding the Perfect Pink

The focus here is on the pink color, so you'll want to select a shade that reflects your personal tastes. All nail care brands carry a selection of colors formulated especially for French Manicures. OPI and Essie offer a vast selection of pinks. You might also consider one of the following:

  • Bourjois French Manicure Kit: How's this for easy? A kit like this makes your task a snap. This set includes a top coat, a sheer baby pink all-over varnish and a white shade for tips.
  • Sephora Nougat Lacquer Nail Polish: Just toeing the line between peach and pink, Nougat is a shade that's destined to go down in the annals of nail polish history. It's sheer, but offers just a hint of color in certain lights. The effect is soft, subdued and surprisingly sexy.
  • Sally Hansen 5 Minute French Manicure Pen Kit: When a trip to the salon just can't be squeezed in, consider a quick kit like this one by Sally Hansen. The brand's signature White Tip Pen practically guarantees fool-proof application. This set does not include a varnish, so opt for one from the line's extensive collection. The Star Opal Nail Glaze collection features a variety of sheer, opalescent shades, almost all with a slightly pink undertone.

What Else You'll Need

Now that you've selected the pink of your dreams, you'll need some more tools to bring your nails to life. Here are the other items you'll need - and what to do with them.

  1. Cuticle oil: Soften that stubborn skin on your nail beds with a moisturizing cuticle oil. Allow it to sink in for several minutes to ensure that it soaks in properly.
  2. Emery board: Ensure that your nails are filed to perfection and free of snags and ridges. Emery boards make it quite simple to fashion your nails into the shape you desire.
  3. Cuticle stick: Now that the oil has sunk in, it's time to get rid of those cuticles. Soak your nails in warm water for several minutes. Then use the stick to gently rub away the loosened cuticles.
  4. Base coat: After you've washed your hands and removed any excess oils (utilizing nail polish remover as needed), you're ready for the base coat. Stroke it evenly onto each nail.
  5. White tip: Whether you're using a pen applicator or traditional polish, your next step is to apply the white color to the tips of your nails. If you find yourself shaking during application, invest in a set of nail stickers - these protect the rest of the nail from the white color.
  6. Nail color: Stroke on a coat of your pink nail color. If you wish to deepen the effect, add one or two more coats.
  7. Top coat: Seal it all in - and prevent your color from chipping - with a quality top coat. Allow several minutes for your nails to dry.
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