Pictures of Geisha Makeup

Pictures of Geisha Makeup

These pictures of geisha makeup demonstrate how much of an art form this look really is. Time-consuming and difficult to perfect, the makeup actually changes over the life of a geisha.

Japanese geisha makeup doesn't only focus on the face, as you'll see in this collection.

The Matte Face

The stark white face, a hallmark of geisha makeup, is only worn by maiko, or apprentice geisha, all of the time.

This changes once a maiko becomes a mature geisha.

The Young Geisha

In addition to the matte white makeup and elaborate task of applying their cosmetics, maiko are also identified by a unique lip look.

They only color the bottom lip a deep red color, leaving the top lip white.

Allover Makeup

Geisha use makeup not only on their faces, but also on their necks and the upper parts of their chests and backs.

Notice the bare area at the nape of the neck.

The Sensual Nape

Geisha leave a W or V shaped area bare at the nape of the neck.

The nape is considered an erotic area in Japanese culture, and leaving it exposed makes it more pronounced.

A Changing Look

As a woman graduates from maiko to a mature geisha, she leaves the elaborate makeup behind and adopts a more natural look.

Pictures of geisha makeup show that she colors in more of her lips, but a full pout is never the aim -- small, "flower bud" lips are the ideal.

A Beautiful Lifestyle

Being a geisha isn't a part-time job; it's a complete lifestyle and one that requires years of training to achieve and perfect.

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Pictures of Geisha Makeup