Pedicure Designs

Pedicured toenails with flower designs

Indulging your creative streak with unique, colorful pedicure designs is one way to really stand out in a crowd! You're definitely relegated to sandal season, unless you happen to live in a climate where winter is comfortable enough to wear open-toed shoes. Whenever you can pull an intriguing pedicure off, though, you're bound to be noticed.

Getting Creative Pedicures

Nail art is a true fantasy come to life. For many women, there's no better way of expressing themselves than with a splash of strong color topped with some type of design. The beauty is in all the amazing possibilities! Today, there are many elements that can be incorporated into toenail artwork, ranging from glittery polishes and press-on rhinestones to stickers and paints. Throw in a gorgeous pair of sandals and suddenly the potential for your feet to look their best is promising.

How you achieve your creative pedicure is up to you. If you're handy with nail implements and wield your polish brush with precision, it's possible for you to make nail magic in the comfort of your own home. On the other hand, you might feel you're uncoordinated or not skilled enough to achieve a neat pedicure. In that case, visiting a nail salon is definitely a wise idea.

Before you go, check out the salon's menu to ensure that they'll accommodate your request. Many salons offer "mini" and spa pedicures, and some offer the option of adding nail art. Prices will vary, but many will charge a flat fee per nail.

Ideas for Pedicure Designs

There's no dearth of pedicure designs out there. Whether your tastes are more refined and understated or bold and vibrant, you'll have your pick of the litter. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Wave goodbye to winter and usher in a brighter, warmer season with a fun pedicure. After all, you'll want something cute to complement those chic new sandals! These ideas range from simple to complex:

  • Colored tips: Though the French pedicure has grown in popularity over the years, not all women love the look of a visible tip on the toenails. Instead of using the stark white color associated with the French, consider a bright tip instead. Paint the entire nail a sheer or luminous shade, like cream or pearlescent beige. Then finish the tip with a coat of something unexpected, like magenta, orange or bright green. Paint a thin line for a less severe look.
  • Metallic swirls: Spring is a great time to introduce a touch of metallic color to your pedicure. Begin by painting the entire nail silver, gold or copper. Use a dark nail art pen, like Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen, to create swirly designs all over the nail. The contrast will be stunning and bold, so wallflowers beware!


Summer, of course, is when toenails are constantly on display, so it's a good idea to keep your feet in good condition whether or not you're sporting fancy pedicure designs.

  • Embrace color: Juicy hues are your best friends during the summer! Even the most unexpected shades - think yellow and turquoise - are contenders for pedicures all season long. If you aren't show about using them on the full nail, try a subtle stripe down the side or along the tip for just a splash instead. Otherwise, go all out - paint the full nail a vibrant hue and enjoy a bright new look!
  • Polka dots: Polka dots are simply cute and playful. They're a great choice if you're going on vacation and want something fun for just a few days. Try painting the entire nail a darker hue, like berry, and use a nail art pen to create dots in a contrasting color, or a lighter shade in the same color family. This is easy even for beginners to achieve, since the dots don't have to be perfect.

Pedicure Essentials

To create a pretty pedicure design yourself, you'll want to have a few of these essential tools on hand:

  • Nail art pen: One like the aforementioned Sally Hansen version is a great choice. It's available in eight colors, including black and white, and features a fine tip to make precise artwork easier to draw.
  • Quick dryer: Don't have time to wait around for your pedicure to dry? Try a quick dry product, like Sephora by OPI Nail Colour Drying Drops.
  • Nail art: Have some fun with your nails! Try Kiss nail art products - the company carries everything from three-dimensional stickers to press-on stones.
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