Painted Toenails

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Painted toenails can transform the feet into absolute beauties! The slightest hint of color can look elegant and simple, while dark, vivacious shades look dramatic and sexy. Your personality is best expressed through colors you love, so lean toward these when selecting the shades for your toenails.

Choosing Painted Toenails

Many women wear nail polish on their toenails simply because they love the look. Painted nails instantly add a polished, glamorous edge to a basic pedicure. A shot of color can also complement shoes beautifully. For example, a pair of black, open-toe heels looks even more becoming with fire engine red toenails.

Of course, color is all relative, and that's the beauty of painted toenails. Deep, alluring colors are sometimes the only shades a woman will wear all year round; others prefer the classic simplicity of soft pastel shades. Fortunately, any color in the world can look fabulous on the nails. It's just a matter of keeping those nails well kempt!

Color Trends

Today, there's nothing that can't be achieved when it comes to nail art. Women can choose anything from stripes and polka dots to metallic strips and floral motifs. Nail trends often mirror the current state of fashion affairs, adding an extra element of excitement for stylish women who go all out to look glamorous.

Most trends simply revolve around specific colors that are favored from season to season. For example, black enjoyed a period of brief popularity as the toenail color du jour in 2007. The shade was revered for its ability to marry drama with elegance for a unique and slightly edgy look. During the summer, colors that reflect the light, casual nature of the season are especially popular, such as yellow, green, blue and pink. Neon shades are also quite popular during the spring and summer. Fall and winter favor shades that are deeper and more enigmatic; often these shades include tones of berry, wine, fuchsia, purple and similar hues.

In addition to colors that enjoy popularity from season to season, there are those particular shades that remain relevant all year long. These shades don't commit to any particular season and somehow seem to wear well no matter what the weather is like! The perfect example of a versatile, timeless nail shade is red. Typically, a lipstick-toned shade is favored as the ultimate classic. The look is sophisticated and strongly feminine, and it's a shade that has been worn for centuries by some of the world's most powerful, well known women. OPI's "I'm Not Really a Waitress" nail polish is a prime example of a versatile red.

Polished Tootsies

Polishing your toenails improves the look of the feet immensely. The color doesn't have to be vibrant to be effective; even a hint of shimmer or barely-there beige can be quite effective in transforming feet from so-so to super. Though this beauty ritual can be time-consuming, it can also be one of the most pampering treatments a woman can enjoy. If you have the time and money available, you may choose to enjoy regular pedicures at the salon. This will ensure that your toenails consistently look their best.

Many women choose to have their toenails professionally done once a month. If this is the case, it can be helpful to refresh the color every week at home, simply by touching up areas that have faded or adding a new coat to each nail. If you do this, it's helpful to employ this particular tip if you visit salons regularly: Take your own nail polish to the salon instead of choosing something already available there. This is important because performing weekly maintenance at home may not be possible if you choose a shade at the salon that you don't already own! Many women also prefer to do this because of growing hygienic concerns. It can bring peace of mind to know that you are the only one who has used the nail polish.


Look no further than fashion magazines for inspiration when it comes to painting your toenails. Updated color palettes are absolutely everywhere, from the clothes women wear to the accessories they're favoring.

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Painted Toenails