Nail Sticker Decals

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Dress up plain nails with stickers.

Wearing nail sticker decals is an easy way to dress up natural or artificial fingernails or toenails. These trendy nail decorations are miniature stickers or transferred designs.

Manicures and pedicures are pretty by themselves, but nail decals make them extra special. These stickers come in many shapes and sizes and are colorful enough to appeal to girls and women of all ages. Whether you are looking for a glitzy nail design for a holiday, party or just anytime, nail decals are an interesting addition to your glamour look.

About Nail Stickers

Nail decals come on small sheets of cardboard or in plastic compartmental storage containers. Most often, they have a paper, plastic or vinyl backing that attaches easily to the fingernail or toenail. Do not attach nail stickers to your face or any other area of your body. Consider them a choking hazard and keep them away from small children.

Applying Nail Sticker Decals

You can visit a pricy nail salon, or you can save time and money by applying your decals yourself. If you want your nail stickers to last, then you need to apply them properly.

  • Clean your fingernails with warm soapy water and dry them well.
  • Trim and buff nails to the desired shape and length.
  • Polish your fingernails with the shade of nail paint you have selected. Alternatively, you may decide to paint a clear coat of polish or use a French or American manicure style.
  • Allow the nails to dry completely.
  • Select the nail sticker decals you want to use.
  • Position the decals one at a time over the nail area you wish to apply it.
  • Press the decals down on the nails firmly and hold them for a few seconds.
  • Paint on a clear top coat to seal the decals in place.

Kinds of Nail Decals

Nail decorations come in all styles, so you can get a personalized nail look. There are different kinds of nail sticker decals you can choose from.

  • Water Decals: This type of nail sticker has to soak in water for about 30 seconds before the decal application. With an orange stick, hold the decal in place. Water decals should be topped with a clear top coat to seal the decal and prevent it from cracking or coming unattached.
  • 3-D Nail Art: These miniature sculptures come in different shapes like tiny flip-flops, monograms or flowers. Dab nail glue on the back of the art and tap it down on to the nail.
  • Gems: Faux gemstones and 14kt-plated decals shaped like mini-logos or symbols stick on nails with clear adhesive or nail glue.

Removing Nail Art

After nails grow out a little, you will need to remove your nail art. Remove your nail art safely and quickly using the correct procedure. Never tear or tug at your nail art.

  1. Place paper towels on your tabletop to protect it from damaging it with the nail polish remover.
  2. Poke your finger in the jar of nail polish remover and swirl your finger about to free the sticker from the nail. If using a plain liquid nail polish remover, dab it on the fingertip with a cotton ball.
  3. Allow the nail to soak for a few seconds then pull the sticker from the fingernail.

These fancy nail embellishments make a nice final addition whether you are wearing a formal outfit or a casual ensemble. Add a touch of flair to your nails for a special even or just to make an exciting statement with your nails for everyday wear with fun decals.

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