Nail Painting Ideas

Simple or Complicated

Looking for nail painting ideas? Today's manicure goes way beyond one solid color. If you're always on the hunt for the newest and freshest in nail color and design, you'll love these pictures of fingernail art.

Your nails can be as simple or elaborate as you want. As indulgences go, even a complex manicure is within the budget for many.

See if these designs don't spark your creativity the next time you're ready to paint your nails.

Nail Painting Ideas for Brides

This soft look is perfect for the bride. A modified French manicure enjoys touches of bling with adhesive gemstones.

Only one nail is detailed with small pearl-like gems for a subtle display.

French Manicure and Then Some

Instead of white tips, many of today's French manicures feature tips in other colors.

Red tips and identical nail art designs liven up a basic look.


Who says all your nails have to look the same? The women exploring nail painting ideas doesn't adhere to old rules.

Three different colors are used in this eye-catching manicure. For a softer look...

Go Subtle

The nails are still multicolored but the colors are softer. These toned-down shades are perfect for a fall manicure.


Paint your nails all one color and then apply a contrasting color to the half-moon shape at the base.

Red and pearl is just one color combination to explore.

Dark Tips

Your nails don't need to be dark all over if you don't care for the look. Instead, keep your nails clear and only add dark polish to the tips.

A bright blue detail on one nail softens this Halloween-ready manicure.

Don't Forget the Toes

Your toes should receive equal attention, especially when you wear nothing but sandals and flip flops.

Unlike the manicures and pedicures of yesteryear, you don't always have to be matchy-matchy. Paint your fingernails one color and then choose a completely different look for your toes.

Basic and Beautiful

What if you prefer simple designs? You still have plenty of options, as nail polish colors come in nearly any shade you can imagine.

Short, slightly rounded nails are modern and easy to maintain.

Want more ideas? A gallery of unique nail designs will provide plenty!

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Nail Painting Ideas