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Article Highlight: How to Clean Stained Gel Nails

It can be extremely frustrating when you've just had a gel manicure and then you accidentally stain your nails. Whether the stain is food, pens, or hair dye, there are many ways you can quickly and efficiently… Keep reading »

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Nail Designs

Having healthy, great-looking nails is an important aspect of your overall image. Whether you're looking for trendy or classic nail designs or you simply want to learn how to take great care of your nails and cuticles, you've come to the right place! The expert resources provided here are packed with information and insights that will help you learn how to make the most of your nails.

Ideas for Unique Nail Designs

If you're looking for nail design ideas that make a statement, you're sure to be excited to discover a wealth of inspiration here. Keep up with cool manicure trends and get ideas for bold nail designs like fabulous 3-D nail art designs. Alternately, get inspired by nature with a butterfly nail art design or a look with flowers. If you want to get creative, opt for a fun DIY bow tie nail art design or even a cupcake nail design. If a goth look is more your style, try your hand at skull nail art. From beachy summer nails to festive Christmas designs, get ideas for every season.

Ideas for Simple Nail Designs

Not all nail designs have to be elaborate or trendy. Simple nail designs can also be quite beautiful. Learn how to do a French manicure for an all-time classic look. For an even more subtle style, discover how to get a great nude nail look. If nude isn't quite polished enough, take it up a notch (but still stay subtle!) with a lovely pink nail design. Whether you're looking for wedding nail designs or prom-ready nails or if you want a simple look for everyday wear, there are plenty of simple nail design ideas to consider.

How to Take Care of Your Nails

Healthy nails provide the foundation for any approach to nail design. Learn about the different kinds of manicures and how to recognize common nail problems, so you can make an informed decision about how to best care for your nails and hands. Learn how to do a pedicure so your toes and feet will look just as good as your fingers! You'll also learn how to dry your nails fast, as well as how to grow out and remove acrylic nails. Or, if you'd rather avoid acrylics entirely, find out how to grow and maintain long nails that are strong and healthy.

Making the Most of Your Nails

Use the tips and ideas you learn here to make the most of your nails. Get inspired by nail painting ideas for every occasion, and gain expert insights on how to take care of your nails. Learn about top nail polish brands and nail colors and find out about fun products like nail decals and nail art gems. It's amazing how many nail design ideas there are. Even if you don't find your perfect look here, perusing all these nail design pictures just might inspire you to come up with a unique look all your own. From discovering the best nail care products to exploring new techniques for stunning nail designs, you'll find everything you need here to keep your nails looking their best.

Nail Designs & Care Guides