Nail Colors Pictures

Crazy for Color

These nail colors pictures can inspire you to try a fresh new shade! From classic colors to natural-looking neutrals to super sexy or fun and funky shades, there are old favorites as well as new colors to try each season. Play with finishes, too; a pearlized, glitter, or metallic finish can add a new level of spice to your favorite shade.

Pretty Pastel Nails

A perfect option for spring, or whenever you feel like adding a feminine finish to your look, is a pretty, creamy pastel nail color. Opaque pastel shades like lavender, lilac, peach, and pink are romantic and work well with softer clothing colors.

Pretty Pink Nails

A longtime nail color favorite, pink is a flattering color and comes in dozens of shades to match your preferences and personality. Understated pinks are an excellent choice for work and when you are looking for an understated nail color. You can also spice it up with a more eye-catching pink for a fun and flirty style.

Terrific Turquoise

Sometimes a pale pink or pastel lavender just won't cut it. When you are looking for a nail color that stands out, you won't be let down with the array of green, turquoise, and aqua shades on the current market. You can find rich greens and turquoise shades inspired by everything from limes to spring grass to seascapes available from many nail polish brands.

Bold and Beautiful Blue nails

Blue shades are another huge trend to hit the nail color scene. This nail color really tends to stand out, whether you are choosing a smoky blue shade, very bright blue, or a darker denim-inspired color like the one shown here, so wear colors that will harmonize with this unique nail color.

Yellow Nail Colors

Like yellow accessories, yellow nail colors are surprisingly versatile. This sunny shade works perfectly in spring and summer, and can also work to brighten up nails in the grayer winter and fall seasons. Gold and yellow nail shades often work well for those with warm skin tones. Yellow nail colors are often found in the "brights" collections of nail polish brands. Have fun playing up your makeup to go with a sunny yellow nail, too!

Orange Nail Color Pictures

Orange is another surprisingly versatile nail color. You can choose from a range of shades, like the elegant golden-orange metallic shade pictured here....

Bright Coral

To bright, enticing corals like the fun shade in this nail color picture. While a true orange is very bold, many orange hues are tempered with other shades to make them a look delicious anytime.

Dark and Dramatic Nail Colors

Looking for a bit of mystery? Get dark and dramatic nails with a shade like soft black or dark gray. True black nail polish has long been a staple in goth circles, but anyone can still get a dark dramatic nail look with some of the softer smoky shades on the market.

Icy Nail Shades

On the opposite end of the spectrum are icy shades ranging from frosty whites to glittery golds to the soft silver shown here. These shades are perfect to indulge in for holidays and special occasions when a little more sparkle is appropriate.

Classic Red Nails

Nothing says sexy like a classic red nail! Both dramatic and sophisticated, this classic color works on nearly every skin tone, and there are many flattering red shades to choose from.

We hope you've enjoyed out nail colors pictures slideshow. For more great nail looks, visit our Nail Art Designs Gallery!

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Nail Colors Pictures