Mineral Makeup for Dark Skin

Mineral Makeup Dark Skin

Mineral makeup for dark skin is readily available through a variety of companies who specialize in mineral makeup for women of color.

Differences Between Caucasian and Melanin-Rich Skin

Women of color have skin that is rich in melanin, which gives skin its pigment. While Caucasian skin has about eight different pigmentations, melanin-rich skin contains more than 28 specific pigmentations. Women of color look best in yellow/gold-based makeup, sometimes copper/red or even olive/green bases, while most Caucasians use pink or yellow based makeup. Using the wrong base can create an ashy or orangey look to the skin, especially on individuals with dark skin.

Mineral Makeup for Dark Skin

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Sterling Minerals

Sterling Minerals also offers mineral makeup for ethnic women or those with dark skin. Sterling encourages women to select their shade with care, as the wrong shade can make dark skin tones look unnatural. The company suggests sending them a photo of yourself in natural daylight which includes face, shoulder, and neck and chest area so that they can assist you in getting the correct skin tone match with minimal sampling.


Monave has several shades that are beautiful on dark skin, including Brandy, which suits medium/dark complexions with red undertones. The shade "Sharon" is in the mid-range for darker skin tones, and has deep caramel and red tones. Keaira is intended for classic brown-skinned women with medium to dark skin tones. The second-darkest shade in the Monave line is Martella, which has both blue and red undertones. Charlene is for women with skin in the darker range, and has balanced undertones. As with all mineral makeup, you can mix two or more Monave shades together to create your perfect shade.

Milan Minerals

Milan Minerals specializes in mineral makeup for women of color. This company offers a 10 piece sample set with four different foundation shades to help you find your perfect combination. Milan Minerals also offers three different foundation-only sample packs. When choosing sample shades to try, Milan Minerals suggests picking one shade that is as close to your skin color as possible, and then choosing one that is one shade lighter and another that is one shade darker in case you need to blend.

Valana Minerals

Valana is another relatively new line of mineral makeup for dark skin. Valana Mineral makeup gives many shade choices for women of color, is great for sensitive skin, and is 100 percent organic. Valana's Stardust Luxury Foundation© blends zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide superior coverage and natural sun protection, without leaving a dry ashy look.

Minerals That Flatter Women of Color

Although Bare Escentuals is commonly considered to be the number one mineral makeup in the world, it may not provide shades to flatter every woman's skin. This has prompted other companies to try to fill this gap in the market and offer mineral makeup that is suitable for women of every color.

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Mineral Makeup for Dark Skin