Mime Face Makeup Picture Ideas

Mime Face Makeup Examples


Mime face makeup is a tool in a mime's repertoire, but it's up to him to fully get his emotions across. It may look easy, but entertaining people without words isn't as simple as it sounds.

All mime makeup begins with the same canvas -- a stark white, matte base. Stage and theater makeup will help you get the pantomime look you want that will last performance after performance.

Simple Faces


Mime face makeup is one of the easiest looks to apply. Beginners can start with a basic look like this and add from there.

Tip: Make sure your face is well-moisturized before applying the heavy cake or grease-based foundation that's the foundation of mime looks. This helps your base go on smoothly.



This feminine mime adds eye appeal with long, thick lashes so that her peepers don't disappear.

Tip: Bright red lipstick works for men and women who mime -- the vibrant color makes your mouth a focal point.

Gloomy Face


A mime has to learn how to create facial expressions effectively, in order to convey the necessary emotions.

Tip: Paint mouth lines pointing downward, as seen here, to portray sadness. Dark tones all around the eyes create gloomy hollows as well.

More Sadness


Mimes are often portrayed as sad characters. This one creatively uses fine detail to make tears at the corner of her eye.

Tip: Use a well-sharpened Kohl pencil to draw tears, hearts or eyelashes on the face.

The Eyes Have It


Besides the mouth, the other main focal point of mime makeup is the eyes. This character affixes a heart on his cheek the same color as his crimson lips.

Tip: Be sure to paint eyebrows on your face since the white base usually hides your natural brows.

Am I Blue?


Downturned lips and eyebrows turn this face into a portrait of sadness.

Tip: Mimes can use props sparingly, but with practice, you can create illusions with just your body.

Practice Makes Perfect


It may take years to perfect your mime routine, so be sure and practice, practice, practice! Makeup helps create your character, but you need to learn how to use your facial expressions to truly bring your character to life.

A slideshow of makeup fantasy looks provides plenty more examples of creating characters through cosmetics.

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Mime Face Makeup Picture Ideas