Metallic Nail Color

Metallic Nail Color Any Time

While some women feel they should save metallic nail color only for special, festive events, there's no reason you can't wear these ultra-shiny shades any time you like. Metallic nail polishes are available in a wide range of colors, not just silver and gold.

A short, square nail colored in a dark metallic polish is chic and modern, but for women who like their nails long and strong, metallic colors work just as well.

This gallery of the wide variety of metallic nail polish colors may give you some ideas the next time you want your nails to have just the extra sparkle they need!

Icy Blue

This icy blue color complements these hands very well. The shorter, rounded nails are popular for today's busy woman.

Go for the Gold

When you want show-stoppers, go for rich metallic gold over your long fingernails. Just make sure your manicure is top-notch for the best look.

Silver Stunners

Few colors say "Party!" like silver. Metallics come in many different shades, but silver is always a favorite. It's a good neutral choice that looks great on many different skin tones.

Pearly Whites

Metallic colors are as perfect for your fingernails as they are for your toenails! The subtle pearly white sheen on these toes would be just what a bride needs to complete her head-to-toe look.

Happy Holiday Hands

Mix it up with metallic and matte nail colors for extra flair. The red and green combo fits in with the holiday season. The green polish is metallic, while the red is matte, giving your hands a unique look.


You don't have to match your makeup to your nail color, but if you do, make sure it's as gorgeous as this! A light hand keeps metallics from overwhelming this face and hand duo.

Dark Metallic Nail Color

Deep, rich metallic colors are just what the sophisticate is looking for. The modern short nail gets dressed up with subtle shiny hints that are elegant and low-key.

A dark neutral color like this looks fantastic on skin tones from light to dark.

Wild Thing

Are you a little bit wild? Then use metallic nail polish in artful ways to showcase it! One swipe of gold on top of black makes this a one-of-a-kind manicure.

Pretty in Purple

Blue, green, gold, bronze, pink, pearl, silver, red -- all of these colors and more can be found with the ultra shiny properties that make them cool metallics.

Want instant dress-up for your hands? Metallic nail polish can bring it. Instead of saving it for the office holiday party, pull it out of your polish drawer and use it today. Your hands will have that extra sparkle that makes them shine!

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Metallic Nail Color