Men Wearing Nail Polish

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Go red!

Men wearing nail polish is a fad that comes and goes, but nail care will always be important regardless of gender.

Reasons for Men Wearing Nail Polish

There are quite a few reasons men choose to wear nail polish. While not every man is comfortable with this form of nail art, it is one of the most temporary ways of expressing your individuality. Unlike a hairstyle that takes months to grow out, nail polish can easily be removed when desired. Even the typical nine-to-five office guy can have some fun on the side when donning a hip urban look.

The Goth Look

The first candidates that comes to mind when pondering the phenomenon of men wearing nail polish are those involved in the gothic scene. This look is most appropriate in the club setting, and is most often found on men in their late teens to early twenties. The most popular nail color of choice for the typical punk/goth male is black, although any color you may find on a hot rod sports car can be appropriate. This includes metallics, gunmetals, blues and deep, blood red hues.

Although manicuring with a dark polish may be considered a normal routine for young goth men, for those new to the trend who want to experiment with this look, there are a few tips and suggestions for a professional at home job:

  • Keep nails short and trimmed
  • Aim for a nice rounded free edge, which can be achieved by filing nails with an emery board or foam nail file
  • Avoid nail biting and file down jagged edges
  • Paint within the nail bed, and if this is your first attempt at nail painting, keep a bottle of nail polish remover close at hand with a few Q-tips for easy touch-ups
  • For extended wear, many men choose to wear a topcoat; keep in mind a topcoat will add a layer of shine

Clean and Groomed

It's not just the rockers who opt for a manicure. Many men, whether they be businessmen or metrosexuals, take pride in their appearance and find themselves in nail spas for a simple trim and buff. Manicured hands show confidence and cleanliness, and many men feel well-groomed hands signify wealth and success.

For at-home manicures, a few implements are needed. If you practice these basic nail grooming techniques weekly, you can save money and look well groomed all the time:

  • Keep nails trim and rounded with a nail trimmer and nail file
  • Soak hands in warm water for at least five minutes per hand
  • Using a metal cuticle pusher, gently push back cuticles
  • Remove excess cuticle skin with a cuticle nipper
  • Buff nails with a chamois buffing tool daily to shine the nail bed
  • Daily buffing not only adds a desired sheen, it increases circulation to the bed, which optimizes the health and integrity of the nails, keeping them strong and durable

Cross Dressing

Lastly, cross dressing men are another group that frequent nail salons or perform at home manicures and pedicures. A new trend in the male manicure scene is a French pedicure. This look, popular amongst women, is when the base of the nail is left sheer and nude, and the tips are painted white. French pedicures and manicures can also be done in varying colors for a bold outcome. Consider pairing black nail polish with a gold tip, or red nail polish with a pink tip. The possibilities are endless.

Cross dressing men can dapple in the nail polish aisle and find whatever shade strikes their fancy. Although neutrals are always a no-brainer, for the most sexy and feminine appearance, why not choose a bright red nail polish or a wild pink?

Relax and Unwind

If it's your first time visiting a nail salon for a manicure or pedicure, rest assured the trip will be relaxing and restful. With jetted foot spas that soothe and relax tired muscles, followed by a mini leg or hand massage, it's no wonder many men have quickly indulged in this pampering experience.

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Men Wearing Nail Polish