Most Natural False Eyelashes

Natural False Lashes

In the beginning, one smart individual decided to sew hair on to gauze and apply it to a movie starlet's eyelids and - voila! - faux lashes were born! Eventually these falsies grew into a bigger business and so did the variety of faux lashes, including some that look very natural. With the vast selection of natural looking lashes and expert designs available, false lashes be nearly undetectable.

Natural-Looking False Lashes to Consider

Your eye shape will dictate the false eyelash style and length that is most appropriate for you. However, there are some natural-looking universal styles that will enhance most eye shapes and sizes. There are several trusted styles of individual and strip lashes to consider.

Individual Lashes

Individual Lashes

Individual lashes have a reputation for looking more natural than lash strips, but some consider them more difficult to apply. Some individual lashes are intended to be left on for up to two weeks, so if you're looking for an option that you don't have to apply day after day, these are a good bet. Just be sure to purchase the lash glue intended for individual lashes. It comes in a vial rather than a tube, and it can be clear or dark.

Recommended Individual Lash Styles

  • Ardell Duralash Natural - Knot Free Short - These knot-free short flares are ideal for a subtle enhancement. Most flare individual lashes are bound with a tiny knot which keeps the clusters together, but they tend to look more obvious. This product's knot-free flares allows for seamless application to your real lashes, eliminating the chore of trying to conceal knots with eyeliner. They're available in black or brown hair for a perfect match to your natural lashes. Short knot-frees look the best when staggered across the lash line, just stopping short of the inner eye.
  • Ardell Duralash Natural- Knot Free Medium - These individual flares also work well for a natural enhancement, but they have a bit more length for a little drama. Again, the knot-free tips, available in brown or black, allow for a smooth transition from the natural lash base. Since there are no knots at the base, there is no need to camouflage with eyeliner. Medium knot-free flares meld nicely with the short knot-free flares, giving the eyelashes a more authentic natural lash look.
  • I-Q1 Baby Flare X-Short Black - These knotted extra-short lashes are perfect for enhancing a natural lash that is extremely short and sparse. They are a good choice for people who find that short individual lashes look spindly because they are too long to blend with their real lashes. In that case, an extra-short style will look most natural. What's more, if the natural lash is sparse, these knotted individual lashes have better stability because the knot acts like an anchor on the natural lash.

Application Tips for Individual Lashes

If you want to wear your lashes for days, make sure the eye area is free of makeup and moisturizer before applying individual lashes. Hold the tips of the lashes with tweezers and dip the base into a drop of lash glue. Gently paint the lashes with the lash glue and then apply it to the natural lash base.

For the most natural look when using individual lash flares:

  1. Apply shorter lashes first leaving a small space in between over to the inner corner.
  2. Add longer pieces in between shorter lashes going only halfway across.
  3. Once the glue has dried, very sparingly apply some water based mascara only to the lashes that do not have a false eyelash applied to them.

An eyelash curler is not recommended when using these types of lashes.

Strip Lashes

Strip Lashes

The biggest tip for getting the most natural look is getting the lash application down. Individual flares may take some practice to put on, so starting with strips is a good idea. Begin with a conservative style like the Ardell 110 because it is universally flattering and most likely will not need to be trimmed to fit your eye shape.

Recommended Strip Lash Styles

  • Ardell Twin Pack 110 - So popular, these lashes are sold by bulk in twin packs! These natural looking strip lashes area available in black or brown and complement all shape and size eyes. These lashes are appropriate if you're really unsure as to what style strip lash will flatter you most or if you are new to wearing false eyelashes. The hairs are short and medium length and are designed to give your natural lash more fullness instead of more length. The flexible band is clear, so application is easy to manage. If you're looking for a practical lash that can easily go from day to night, this one is for you.
  • Ardell Fashion Lashes 105 - These strip lashes mimic a fantastic lengthening mascara, making them a wonderful choice to amplify a natural lash if you are going for a lengthened look. They have fine, long, broom-like hairs that ideally look like you've been taking great vitamins without being over-the-top gaudy. The flexible lash band is light and fits snugly in the ridge, which is the area between the eyelid and the base of your lashes. They are made of natural human hair and are available in brown or black. This style is perfect for the lady who wants natural glam at its best.
  • Ardell 120 Demi - These cat eye shaped lashes are most suitable for almond shaped eyes or individuals who like more length at the ends. They provide a sexy, glamorous look while still coming across as natural. They are available in brown or black. The band is light and adaptable and fits nicely in the ridge of the eye without being too heavy. Even those this style is sexy, it is still natural looking and is a great choice if you're seeking lashes with a flirtatious edge.
  • MAC Cosmetics 7 Lash Strip - This style is a flirty band with natural spiky staggered hairs, for an in-between, all occasion look. They work great for everyday glam but are edgy enough for happy hour. They have a clear lash band, which eliminates the need for blending with eyeliner. If desired, though, this strip can be amped up with a coal eye shadow for the perfect smoky eye.

Application Tips for Strip Lashes

Follow the package instructions to place your strip lashes in place. After the lash band is applied, meld your own natural lash with the strip by applying a water-based mascara to the natural lash and then gently pressing together with your fingers the false lash and your own lash. The mascara will blend in to the gap that separates your real lashes from the false ones, resulting in a voluminous and blended look!

Laboring Over Lashes?

If applying false lashes has you frustrated, consider seeking a makeup artist or stylist who is experienced with lash application for assistance, at least the first time or two. Once you see how it's done a few times, it won't take you long to catch on. In the end, it's not difficult to enhance your real lashes with false ones for an overall natural look!

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