Carrie Underwood's Makeup for the 2010 CMA Awards

Carrie Underwood at the 44th CMA Awards
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Typical to her true style, Carrie Underwood's makeup for the 2010 CMA Awards proved flawless. Not only did her wardrobe get better with every costume change, her makeup remained impeccable thanks to the help of celebrity makeup artist Melissa Schleicher. If you want to capture some of the same drama Carrie eluded on stage, take a look at the following makeup tips and tricks.

Capturing the Look of Carrie Underwood's Makeup for the 2010 CMA Awards

Carrie Underwood is no stranger to the CMA Awards. Not only has the American Idol contestant-turned-country crooner picked up several Entertainer of the Year awards, she's also been the female host for the CMA Awards for the past 3 consecutive seasons. In an event filled with several dress changes and plenty of on-stage time, Carrie's makeup had little chance to change dramatically.

Thankfully her smoky look proved flattering for each and every outfit in the line-up. If you want to recreate Carrie Underwood's makeup for the 2010 CMA Awards, you'll need to work a little bit of country and a little bit of rock and roll into your beauty routine. Simply focus on a fresh face with kissable lips and you'll have an award winning beauty combination!


Makeup artist Melissa Schleicher claimed that she used little to no foundation on Carrie's already flawless skin. If you've been blessed with an impeccable complexion, you can simply fluff on a bit of a dual action powder to help omit shine while adding a matte finish to your face. For those that require a tad more coverage, ensure that your foundation and concealer are true to your skin tone and apply them with a light hand, using a kabuki blush to gently blend any lines and diffuse the application.


The eyes were the key to Carrie's dramatic look at the CMA Awards. To create a smoky eye like Carrie, start with at least two complimentary shades of dark neutral eye shadows. If skin is cool, opt for grey and ivory shadow. If your skin is warm, venture into dark taupe and chocolate brown hues. Apply the lightest shade allover the lid and work it straight up to the eyebrow. Apply the darker shade at the crease line and blend it liberally to create depth. Line the upper lid at the base of the lash line with a liquid eyeliner in either black or brown. Curl eyelashes and apply at least 2-3 coats of a dark brown or black mascara. For extra zing, add a shimmery white eyeshadow at the inner corner of your eyes and directly beneath the brow bone to help highlight your eyes and structure.


Keeping things more minimal, Carrie's makeup artist worked a pleasant peach shade into the apple of Carries cheeks for a look that was timeless and feminine. Rather than rely on pink or nude blushes which can either appear too bright or muddy on the skin, opt for true apricots which are universally flattering. For extended wear, rely on cream rather than powder formulas.


For sexy and kissable lips, you'll want to do no more than add a sheen of neutral color and shine. To start, use a neutral lipliner and line both the top and bottom lip. Fill in both the top and the bottom to add more drama to your pout. Top with a nude lip gloss that packs plenty of sheen.


Every formal makeup application deserves an extra dose of sparkle. Carrie's cosmetics were finished off with a light luminescent glow which can be obtained by using a highlighting powder. Simply sweep a high lighter over the bridge of your nose, across your cheeks and over your brow bone to seal your application with luminosity.

Buy the Basics

Capturing Carrie Underwood's makeup from the 2010 CMA Awards is a breeze with over the counter cosmetics. If you plan on donning Carrie's look for just one night, scour the beauty aisle and find those few staples that help define her look. Don't spend a fortune if you just want to experiment. Carrie's kitten style works for a variety of functions, including daily makeup if you prefer cosmetics that are subtle and sexy.

If you want more tips and tricks and need a bit more how-to advice, simply visit a makeup counter at your local department store and ask a cosmetic consultant to help perfect your Carrie Underwood inspired style. For best results, bring a picture of Carrie to your visit, and remember- less is more!

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Carrie Underwood's Makeup for the 2010 CMA Awards