Tyra Banks' Makeup Looks

Tyra Banks' Makeup Looks


Many women want to learn how to do Tyra Banks' makeup looks themselves. The supermodel-turned-talk show host wears a variety of different makeup looks, but a focus on the eyes and flawless-looking skin are two musts for any Tyra-inspired makeup look. Get tips on seven of Tyra's faces for your own beautiful look.

Shown here, Tyra wears a natural makeup look. Use foundation and concealer to cover up problem areas (Tyra is a known user of concealer for dark under eye circles), and focus on the eyes with black or dark brown kohl liner, neutral eye shadow, mascara, and clear lip gloss.

Bold Eyes and Striking Cheeks


In this look, Tyra's signature focus on her eyes is accompanied by a beautiful emphasis on the cheeks. For a sexy, strong look like this, apply black or grey eyeliner to the upper and lower lid and blend for a smoky effect. (Don't go overboard with the smoky eye since you are also highlighting the cheeks. It is a lighter version of the smoky eye.) Use a brown eye shadow on the top lid and finish with mascara.

Apply a peach or neutral-toned blush that is right for your skin tone to the apples of your cheeks and blend upward. Since this is a stronger blush style, a second application may be needed. Blend well and finish with a clear lip balm.

Shining Red Carpet Glamor


Tyra looks completely polished and glamorous in this photo with full makeup. Her lips and eyes have some shimmer, which adds to the glam factor. The focus is still on the eyes, but since they are fairly heavy, a dark pink lip and rosy-pink blush keep the look balanced.

Apply liner along lower lid in a thin line near the rim of the lashes. Liner the top eye in a slightly thicker and more dramatic line. Apply a dark brown eye shadow color to the crease, a dark grey shadow color to the outer corner of the upper lid, and a purple-toned shimmer grey to the rest of the eyelid and inner corner, blending well. Several coats of mascara on curled lashes or false lashes finish the eyes. Complete the overall look with a dark pink lipstick that has a bit of shine or shimmer and a light application of blush.

Matte Glam


Here is another one of Tyra Banks' makeup looks that is glamorous, but without the shimmer. The medium berry lip color looks natural but beautiful, and the brown eye shadow and dark liner draw attention to Tyra's gorgeous eyes without going overboard.

The eyeliner in this look is applied on the waterline of the lower lid and along the upper eyelid. Although lining the waterline can really make eyes pop (especially women with light eyes like Tyra), be wary of using this method if you have small eyes, as it will just make them appear smaller.

Bronze Shimmer


In this stunning image, Tyra glows with a goddess-worthy bronze makeup look.

Apply a bronzer or bronze-toned blusher to the apples of the cheeks with a large brush and blend upward. Add deep golden eye shadow with a hint of shimmer to the upper lids, and blend a tiny bit under the lower lash line. Line the upper lid only with a rich brown or black-brown eyeliner. Finish with a pretty nude or pink lip gloss.

Amazing Eyes


Tyra's eye makeup always looks amazing, but in this unique makeup her eyes are framed with faux lashes on the upper and lower lids to give a wide-eyed, very youthful look.

Light purple shimmer eye shadow applied to the top eyelid and inner corners further enhances the playfulness of the eyes, and liner on the top lid keeps things in balance.

Nude/pink blush and lip gloss finish off this light makeup style.

Beautiful Basics


In this look, Tyra shows off the merits of a great basic makeup rule: wear colors that work with your clothing, but don't match it exactly. The orange-red undertones of her eye shadow and lipstick bring out her eyes and features beautifully, while at the same time blending seamlessly with the stunning rich red shade of her dress.

Tyra Banks' makeup looks show off her incredible beauty; experimenting with similar makeup styles can help you look and feel like celebrity, too. Just make sure you are true to your own personal style, and adapt her looks into those that fit your true beauty.

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Tyra Banks' Makeup Looks