Pictures of 1970s Makeup

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As you move through the decade, pictures of 1970s makeup change dramatically. While many people automatically think of disco when they think of the 70s, this era saw other looks as well.

Disco was definitely popular, but it didn't gain traction until the mid to late 70s.

Natural Looks

In the early 70s, the natural look -- carried over from hippie days -- was still very much in.

Feminists especially adopted this look and cosmetic companies hurried to jump on board by marketing "invisible" makeup.

Daytime Makeup

During the day, many women adopted a polished, but still very natural makeup look.

As they began returning to the workforce in large numbers, a slighty androgynous appearance suited those who wanted to be taken seriously in the business world.

Stylized Faces

As the 1970s wore on, sexuality slowly made a comeback into the cosmetics industry, fueled largely by what came from the European runways.

Skinny, arched eyebrows were a big part of this more sexually charged movement.

Frosty Colors

Pictures of 1970s makeup often showcase pale, frosty colors, in everything from eye shadow to lipstick.

It allowed a woman to wear cosmetics, but not in a heavy, overdone way.

Punk Inspired

Toward the late 70s, the punk movement began to take hold, even in the makeup biz.

Darker colors and heavier application took root, particularly for nighttime events, like clubbing.

The Glam Factor

Disco dancers had to compete with strobe lights and each other, so makeup had to stand out in a big way.

Deeper, darker eye shadow, bold blush and glossy lips were seen in discos everywhere.

Disco-Era Makeup

Makeup in the late 70s paved the way for the ultra-glamorous 80s style makeup. The natural look was out, and glam was in.

Due to the lighter 1970s foundations, women began to take better care of their skin instead of relying on heavy base to mask it. As the decade ended and new cosmetic advancements were made, the makeup industry re-invented itself in order to stay alive.

From the bare look to the disco diva,1970s makeup evolved in a big way.

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Pictures of 1970s Makeup