Pics of Dramatic Eye Makeup for Blondes

Dramatic Purple Eyeshadow

For those with fair coloring, dramatic eye makeup can represent a real shake up because it's easy for blondes to get stuck in a rut.

In fact, if you've been wearing the same pale, pastel colors, than you might be ready to try a new colorful and bold look. Some women worry that dramatic colors will overpower their light-haired look, but this doesn't have to be the case.

Instead, sweep on a lavender highlighter and an eggplant accent color. Finish the look with purple jewel eyeliner and soft black mascara.

Peacock Blue Eyes

Sport a retro updo and pair it with peacock blue eyeshadow. Not only will you look 'oh-so 60s' but flirty and mysterious, too. Prime the lids before applying this deep color. If your lashes get lost in the rich hue, don a pair of false eyelashes.

A perfect look for an evening out with someone you love.

Neon Green

You'll get noticed with these neon green peepers. You'll need three shades of green.

Start with an all over application of the lightest color. Next, touch the crease with your medium hyper-green. Finish this eye makeup look with the darkest color in the outer edge of the eye. With a long-bristled eyeshadow brush blend all three colors together. You won't be ho-hum blonde with this eye design.

Periwinkle Perfection

Periwinkle is an odd color for some women but most blondes pull it off perfectly. Sweep the entire lower lid with this blue-purple. Line the area under the lashes too.

Sweet pink lips and a sheer lip gloss will make this makeup style mesmerizing.

Mask Makeup

When you want to look enchanting and unusual wear mask eye makeup. Draw interesting designs on the side of the face using colored eyeliners. Fill in the designs with pigment eyeshadows for vivid eye color.

Alternatively, this can also be a great look for a Halloween, or similarly themed party.

Go Black

Take smoky eyes to the next level with an all black eye makeup style.

Keep cheeks and lips light so your makeup doesn't overpower. Cover the lids with onyx or gray eyeshadow. Liquid black eyeliner makes this sultry look even darker.

Magenta Eye Styles

Pics of dramatic eye makeup for blondes will inspire you to try new colors and take a few fashion "chances." For example, this magenta eye fashion isn't just for dark haired girls. Blondes can try it too. Cover the entire lid for a very dramatic look. Tint half the lid for a more tamed look.

If these bold, blonde pictures are too much for you then try natural sexy eye makeup.

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Pics of Dramatic Eye Makeup for Blondes