Photos of Seven Makeup Trend Problems

Seven Makeup Trend Victims

Makeup fashion victims may start off with great intentions - to follow a hot new cosmetic trend or to work a runway look for everyday. The problem is, sometimes the catwalk to celebrity trends don't translate well to real life. Done right, they can work beautifully.

Done wrong, and a woman can find herself prey to being a victim of the latest makeup fads. Look your best by avoiding the mistakes of these seven makeup trend victims!

Shown: The eighties might be the current rage in the fashion world, but you don't want to relive the full-on eighties makeup with very obvious blusher like this.

Be Careful with Color

Using bright color in your makeup is a great runway-inspired trend.

However, using too much bright color on your eyes, cheeks, and lips can make you look like a victim of this makeup trend.

Instead, choose one feature to highlight using a bright color, and keep the rest of your makeup a bit more subdued.

Eyeshadow Overload

Eyeshadow is a beautiful thing, but it is possible to go overboard with this cosmetic.

Applying an obvious shade all the way up to the top of the brow bone like this makeup victim doesn't look good. Instead, use a neutral color with a hint of shimmer to highlight the brow bone.

Use a medium or dark colored shadow only in the crease of the eyelid and blend well.

Flawed Foundation

Using foundation for a flawless face is a popular makeup enhancement.

However, wearing a foundation that doesn't match your skin tone makes it look obvious you are wearing makeup and can detract from your natural beauty.

Check your foundation carefully each season to make sure it blends flawlessly with your skin.

Matching Mistake

Although you might see models occasionally wearing makeup that coordinates with their clothing, this is usually done to make an artistic statement and isn't usually a good idea for every day.

Wearing makeup that matches perfectly with your clothing colors can look slightly juvenile rather than glamorous, especially if it's a bright color.

Instead, choose a different, but complementary, color palette for a pretty polished look.

Too Much Bronzer

You may want the sun-kissed look many models show off, but overdoing it with the bronzer just looks fake rather than sexy.

Make sure your bronzer is right for your skin tone, and use a light hand to apply for a dewy sun-goddess look that is naturally sexy.

Smoky Slip-Up

The smoky eye is one of the most popular sexy makeup looks. However, going overboard and encircling the entire eye area with dark black makes you look like a makeup fashion victim.

Instead, stop the makeup just slightly above the crease and use a light hand to apply and blend shadow or liner below the eye. Choosing a less harsh eye shadow color is another alternative for a more subdued smoky eye.

If you want more guidance, check out these pictures of common makeup mistakes.

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Photos of Seven Makeup Trend Problems