Creative Eye Makeup

8 Ideas for Creative Eye Makeup

Creative eye makeup can mean many different things. It might be a fantasy look, using a trendy new color, unique eyeliner application, or just trying something different than you normally do with your eye makeup.

Here are eight simple ideas on ways to get creative and step outside the traditional eye makeup box.

Two Toned Eye Makeup

Many women get stuck in the makeup rut of using a single eye shadow shade on the top lid, and adding a quick swipe of liner and mascara.

Instead, try using a bright color on the top lid, and more subdued color on the lower lid like the pink and blue combo this model wears.

False Lashes

If you want to make a bold and creative statement, consider false eyelashes.

If the rest of your makeup is kept slightly more subdued, as this model's makeup is, the result can look striking but not overdone -- and draws incredible attention to your eyes.

A Touch of Glitter

To add shine and sparkle to your eyes, use a glitter eyeliner, eye shadow, or pigment to line or highlight your eyes. This unique eye makeup style is perfect for holidays and parties, but isn't suitable for everyday wear.

Be careful not to overdo the glitter, either, a touch on the eyes can add sparkle, but if you pile the glitter onto cheeks and lips as well, the result can be juvenile or costume-y.

Strategic White Eyeliner

Makeup artists know that strategic and creative use of white eyeliner can really open up the eyes and make them look larger.

In the creative look shown here, white liner is used on both the waterline and below the eye to give the illusion of much larger eyes.

If you don't want to go to this extreme, just use some white eyeliner on the waterline to make eyes appear larger and brighter.

Beyond the Smoky Eye...

The smoky eye will always be a sexy makeup staple, but if you want to get ultra creative with the traditional smoky eye, consider the slept-in eye makeup look.

This extreme example uses a trail of smudged makeup surrounding the eye to mimic the way mascara and eye makeup tends to travel around the eye area when makeup is left on overnight.

This look is best reserved for parties or other events where it is appropriate to get very creative with your makeup.

Creative Brows

Most women feel more comfortable experimenting with eyeliner and eye shadow, but if you're brave enough, creative brow makeup or brow art can be truly striking.

Inspired by Nature

Creative doesn't always have to mean extreme when it comes to eye makeup.

Take cues from the earthy colors of the natural world to bring out your eyes in a new way.

Try rusts, browns, golds, muted greens, dusky blues and other colors that mimic the colors of the great outdoors to make your eyes shine.

Step Outside Your Eye Makeup Box

Whether you choose to go all out with glittery eye liner, or you choose a more natural-looking way to get creative when enhancing your eyes, take the time to step outside the box when it comes to your eye makeup every once in a while.

Try an unexpected color, a favorite celebrity eye makeup look, or apply your eyeliner in a way you would normally never dream of.

The result might just be a striking new look that becomes a favorite.

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