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Makeover Options

Getting a makeover is an exciting method for revealing a different side of yourself. Something as simple as a haircut or adding a bold lip to an old morning routine can yield new confidence.

Concealer and Foundation

Adding concealer and foundation to the face is a quick way to change the appearance of the skin. If you have discoloration under the eyes, as the model, use a salmon or pink toned concealer to cancel out dark circles. Apply foundation to the rest of the face and set with powder.

Flirty Makeover

Sometimes, not much makeup is needed for a new style - especially for teenagers. Here, the model has on minimal eye makeup with eyeliner on the top lids and mascara on her lashes.

For her rosy cheeks, use a blush from NYX in the color Pink Poppy. Keep the lips simple by adding a pink lip color like Made Me Blush from Sally Hansen Colorfast Tint + Moisture Balm line.

The little makeup that is used on the model still impacts her look in a big way and adds more color to her face.

Brightened Eyes

Adding eye makeup is a sure way to make exhausted eyes pop. First, if you have puffy or swollen under eyes try using Hard Candy Eye'm Tired Eye Gel De-Puffer.

Next, you're going to want to use a warm pink eye shadow. Swipe a color similar to Swish from M.A.C., across the eyelids. Add mascara to both the top and bottom eyelashes. Next apply white eyeliner onto the lower lash line.


Adding lashes can transform a set of eyes instantly. If you want a look similar to the model's, try applying individual lashes alternating between short lashes on the inner eye and longer lashes as you move outward.

For a more dramatic look, opt for lashes that come on a strip. The strip lashes from e.l.f. are great for beginners to use.

Brows and Bold Lip

As you can tell from the model's before and after pictures, eyebrows have the ability to change your overall look. Taking just a little hair off the top of the brows can change their entire shape.

To add definition to the eyes, use a soft brown eye pencil on the tops and bottoms of the eyes.

For lips like the model, use a shade of orange on the lips. If you're not a fan of matte finish lipstick, try a Patentpolish Lip Pencil in the color Revved Up from M.A.C. This pencil leaves behind a shiny gloss without the stickiness of the traditional lip glosses.

Highlighting and Contouring

Highlighting and contouring the face can brings out your best facial features, and the process doesn't have to be time consuming.


Use a concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone under the eyes, on the nose and on the chin. Blend out the product and set with translucent powder.


For contouring, apply a powder or bronzer two shades darker than the skin below the apples of the cheeks, around the temples and along the jawbone.

Light Blush

Gone are the days with heavy blush application on the cheeks. Instead, opt for a light sweep of color along the apples of the cheeks for a freshly flushed look. Adding blush to pale skin instantly livens up the face.

From Dull to Sun Kissed

One doesn't have to bake out in the sun to get a sun kissed complexion. Apply a bronzer to the face after your normal foundation routine, making sure to pay special attention to the temples of the forehead and cheeks.

Use an off-white eye shadow on the eye lids to illuminate the eyes and add mascara to the lashes. To keep this look light, skip the heavy black eyeliner. Apply a tinted lip gloss to complete the look.

Reducing Under Eye Bags and Wrinkles

When working with mature skin, especially the delicate skin under the eye, you are not going to want to work with heavy cosmetics. They can separate and settle into crevices.

First prep the under eye with a primer specifically for aging skin like, Mally's Perfect Prep Eye Primer. The primer will help to fill in pores and lines around the eye area, and help makeup adhere to the skin longer.

Do not apply concealer all over the under eye area, as this will make the bags more prominent. Instead only apply to concealer to the 'shadow' or the bottom portion of the bag. Doing this will draw attention away from the bags and bring more attention to the rest of the face. Lightly set the concealer with translucent powder.

This technique will not completely hide wrinkles, but instead will reduce their appearance.

Hiding Imperfections

To hide imperfections and discolorations, use a full coverage foundation targeted for mature skin like Jabot Camera Ready Color Lasting Performance Foundation.

Lightly set with a powder and dust of the excess with a powder brush. Remember not to be too heavy handed with powder, because it can also settle into creases like the laugh lines. Use a peach blush and tinted lip gloss to complete this fresh-faced look.

More Options

There are so many ways a makeover can boost your look, and different options you can try. Instead of trying your hand with different products and techniques on your own, you may want to experiment with a virtual makeover, have one done in a store or seek expert assistance. Whatever you choose, you are sure to put your best face forward.

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Before and After Makeup Gallery