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Unique Long Nails


Long nails can be sexy or demure, sweet or scary, depending on the style. If you choose a long length, however, your nails are certain to be unique. There is plenty of space to incorporate nail art.

If you are looking for a sweet, innocent style, go for a soft pastel, like pink, peach, or lavender.

Pearlized Hues


The extreme length of these nails could be intimidating, but it's balanced by the softness of the pearl blue. To keep nails from looking menacing, avoid sharp points.

Go Metallic


Metallic polish can give your nails an edgy style, especially if you combine it with slightly pointed tips. Try traditional metal tones, such as silver or gold, or find other colors with a metallic sheen. For added interest, try combining colors.

Vintage Inspiration


The black freehand art in a lacy pattern gives this nail an heirloom feel, while the rhinestone accents provide a more modern touch. Try faux gems in red or hot pink for unexpected contrast.

Wild About Jewels


For a fun, flirty look, go crazy with jewels. Start with nails in a pretty, feminine color. Then add color-coordinating jewels, either randomly or in a pattern.

Elaborate Designs


Extremely long nails provide a large canvas, so take advantage of it. Use nail pens to create detailed designs. If you have the skills, make each nail an individual piece of art.

Bold French Manicure


French manicures do not have to be conservative or predictable. Use bright, bold colors and unexpected designs to create French nails that are anything but reserved.

Embellish It


Gold accents give nails a classic vibe. Start with nail polish in any color or colors you like. After the polish has dried fully, create a freehand design with a gold nail pen. Alternately, use marbled nail polish and accent with silver or glitter polish.

Floral Frenzy


With long nails, you have plenty of room for feminine flowers. Use decals, pre-made nail polish strips, or nail pens to create assorted floral designs.

Simple Designs


You don't have to be an artist to care for your long nails. There are many simple nail designs that are appropriate for even the longest fingernails. Try nail decals, colored French nails, and dual colors. Whether intricate or less-detailed, long nails can be stunning.

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Long Nail Pictures