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In many cultures, long beautiful toenails are just as appreciated as long and manicured fingernails. Many women take great pride in their toenails, treating them with the same attention and concern as their fingernails. Growing long toenails poses many challenges and even some health risks, so if you intend to grow long beautiful toenails, make sure that you keep them at a wearable and hygienic length.

Rate of Growth

Fingernails grow at a rate four to five times faster than toenails. Fingernails average 0.1 mm of growth per day. It can take over a year to fully grow a toenail that has been removed or damaged. As nails grow, regular shaping is required to maintain the integrity of the nail bed and to avoid nuances such as split and snagged nails. Spotting and ridges are common occurrences that can plague the nail bed. A proper diet can help improve the health of the nails. Eat your veggies and drink lots of water if you intend to grow long and strong nails. In addition, many people take gelatin capsules as directed to improve the strength of their nails.

Health Risks

Long nails, whether they be fingernails or toenails, may harbor harmful bacteria under the nail bed. As nails grow, bacteria multiply under their surface. Keep this is mind if you decide to test out long toenails. The nail bed and the free edge of your toenail should be cleansed every few days to remove any dirt or debris hidden under the nail.

Harmful bacteria found under the nail bed can cause many health conditions. Nail fungus is a common disorder normally found on the toenails. In addition to being unsightly and unpleasant to smell, nail fungus may cause permanent and painful distortions of the nail bed.

Staphylococcus infections are yet another health risk related to fingernail and toenail grooming. It is crucial that any nail implements are sanitized properly in between use to prevent the spread of the Staph virus. If you frequent nail salons for your monthly pedicure, it may be wise to purchase your own set of grooming implements and bring them along to ensure your visit is safe and free of this dangerous, sometimes fatal virus transmission.

Lastly, ingrown toenails are an extremely common, painful condition resulting from the nail growing outside the corners of its natural nail bed. Ingrown toenails are common when nails are kept at a mid to long length and then squeezed into closed toe shoes and heels. To prevent ingrown toenails, wear shoes that fit properly. If that means ditching the pointed toe heels, then do it. Podiatrists also advise that toenails be cut straight across rather than shaped to avoid abnormal nail growth into the surrounding tissue.

Most ingrown toenails need professional treatment for removal and the procedure can be very painful. If you notice your nail is growing into the surrounding skin tissue, seek professional treatment immediately.

How to Get Long Beautiful Toenails

Long toenails look their prettiest when they are painted. Whether you opt for a spa pedicure or do-it-yourself manicure or pedicure, make sure you pamper your pretty toes regularly and polish them often.

Prior to painting, soak feet in a basin filled with warm and bubbly water. For added ambiance, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. After feet have soaked and the skin has softened, push back the toenail cuticle with a cuticle pusher. File nails as desired. To remove rough patches and calluses, opt for a device such as a foot file or pumice stone. After your have sloughed away the dead skin, apply an indulgent lotion or vitamin E oil.

For easy nail painting, sit in a chair and prop one foot up on an opposite chair to apply a base coat followed by your color of choice. For added wear and durability, always finish with a top coat. Whether flaunted in a pair of sandals or kept hidden under a pair of boots, long beautiful toenails can enhance your femininity. Take great care of your toenails and feet and you'll be proud to show them off!


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Long Beautiful Toenails