Kitty Inspired Nail Art

Nail Designs for Cat Lovers

Show off your love of cats by adding a furry feline design to your fingernails. Kitty-inspired nail art designs are a fun way to add a whimsical touch to your manicure and enhance your overall sense of style.

For this look, choose your favorite pastel polish for the nail color, such as OPI's Can't Find My Czechbook shade.

  • Once the polish has dried, use a white nail art pen or white polish and a nail art brush to draw on the shape of the cat's head.
  • Fill the head area with white polish.
  • Once it is dry, use a thin brush to add dots of pink for the ears and nose followed by dots of black for the eyes and black stripes for the whiskers.

You can paint a cat on just one nail or several, and you can leave the other nails plain or decorate them with white dots or stripes.

Black Cats on Neon Pink

Neon pink polish is a great backdrop for black cats and coordinating polka dots. Start with a bright shade of pink such as OPI's That's Hot! Pink.

  • Once the pink polish is dry, use black polish and a thin nail art brush or a black nail art pen to draw cat shapes on a few of your nails.
  • Add polka dots to the nails that don't have cat shapes.
  • When the cat shapes are dry, use white polish and a thin brush to add eye outlines and the same pink used for the base coat to add a nose.
  • When the white polish has dried, add pupils with black polish or nail art pen, varying the shapes to show different expressions.

Hello Kitty Outlines

Use a Hello Kitty nail stamp plate to cover your nails in Hello Kitty outlines.

  • Paint your nails in your favorite bright pink polish.
  • Once the polish is dry, use black nail art paint on the stamp to make multiple Hello Kitty heads on each of your nails.
  • Finish each nail with a clear top coat.

Colorful Hello Kitty Nails

If you prefer a more detailed all-over Hello Kitty Design, this look is a good option to consider. Due to the intricacy of the design, this is something you'll likely want to have created in a salon. If you do try it yourself, you'll need a steady hand, a fine black nail art pen, multiple nail polish colors, and very thin nail art brushes for each shade. The stars at the top can be drawn on or added with decals.

Simple Hello Kitty Nail Art

If you're a fan of Hello Kitty, but aren't ready to hand-draw full heads on your nails, this simpler design may be a better option for you.

  • Start with a basic French Manicure.
  • Use basic yellow, black, and red nail art pens to add her nose, eyes, whiskers, and hair bow.
  • Finish with a clear top coat.

Black and White Kitty Design

This is another customizable option for adding a cat's face to the tips of your fingernails.

  • Cover the nails in white polish.
  • The main nail area features silver glitter and bold black shapes resembling cheetah spots. A thin black line separates the main nail from the tip.
  • The white tip is transformed into a cat's face with strategically placed black eyes and whiskers surrounding a yellow nose by using a black and yellow nail art pen.

Chinese New Year Fortune Cat Nails

This fun design uses bright colors associated with Chinese New Year. Here is how you can recreate this design on your own nails.

  • After rounding your nails, apply a clear base coat to all nails.
  • Paint the index finger with two coats of a bright red polish, the pinky with two coats of a berry color pink, and the ring finger with two or more coats of a multi-colored glitter polish.
  • Paint a large oval shape on the middle finger with white nail polish and a large oval shape in black polish on the thumb. Paint the tail on one side of each oval. Make sure these each have two coats of color before adding more detail and that they are all dry.
  • Use a small detail nail art brush to outline and paint the details on each nail.
  • Finish with a clear top coat to make sure your design lasts.

Cat Inspired Nails

Cat inspired nails do not have to be intricate designs. This is a good example of a simple and cute design that can easily be done at home.

  • After applying base coat to all nails, paint the thumb and pinky finger with a matte black polish and the remaining nails with a pink metallic polish. Apply two coats of each color to the nails for an even coverage.
  • Use a large dotting tool and a small dotting tool to make the paw prints with the same pink and black nail polish. Make the paw prints on each nail as shown.
  • To make the cat on the middle finger nail, use a small detail brush to paint a semi-circle at the nail edge and a smaller circle on top of the semi-circle with a triangle on each side for the ears. If the polish looks streaked, paint a second coat of these shapes before moving on.
  • Use the large dotting tool with white nail polish to make the eyes. After this is dry, add a small dot of black polish in the center of the white.
  • If you leave the black as a matte finish, you can either skip the top coat or add a matte finish top coat.

Grumpy Cat Nail Art Decals
More Details"

Nails fit for any Grumpy Cat fanatic! If you can use stickers, you can do this nail art. These Grumpy cat nail art decals are handmade upon order.

  • Start with a clean nail surface by using alcohol or polish remover to get rid of oils.
  • Attach the decals starting at your cuticle area and trim the ends to fit your nails.
  • Follow the manufacturer's directions regarding heat or no heat to adhere them to your nails.
  • You are done! No top coat needed!

Nail art has grown in popularity in recent years. This makes finding supplies and designs easier than ever and allows for you to create your own designs without having to go to the salon.

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