How to Grow Out Acrylic Nails

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The best advice if you'd like to grow out acrylic nails is to get back to basics. The basics include health from the inside out and taking super good care of your nails in the first place. If you haven't practiced the basics in a while, don't worry. There's still hope.

Acrylic Nail Basics

Acrylic nails are used by so many women it's somewhat of a phenomenon. They're extensively popular because it doesn't matter if your nails are short, thin, brittle, or discolored - acrylic can give you movie star hands in no time at all and with minor upkeep. Acrylics do have many positive attributes, from increasing confidence to easily changing styles and nail colors.

But like many beauty regimens that involve changing what you were born with, there are risks and negative aspects.

Negative Aspects of Acrylic Nails

  • Often when you get acrylic nails your natural nail is filed down. After months, years or even weeks of acrylic nail application, your original nails will become weak.
  • Many women try to take off their acrylic nails independently, which can completely damage the nail bed. Always have a professional do this.
  • When acrylics are put on to correct a problem, such as nail biting, it doesn't always solve the problem and can damage already worn nails significantly.

All of the above can add up to a nightmare when you try to grow out acrylic nails.

How to Grow Out Acrylic Nails

Remember the old saying, "Patience is a virtue"? Well, with acrylics that saying resonates. If you recently got your artificial nails removed and have been used to long, healthy-looking nails for a long time, then waiting for your natural nails to grow out can make you crazy.

The best thing is to pamper your hands and nails so you don't feel so down. You can go to a salon or try an at-home treatment regimen. This treatment will also aid in the health of your nails and hopefully make for a strong growing process.

Grab a nail buffer. Use your buffer to smooth out all the rough edges and peeling that may be left over from your acrylic nails. If there are frayed edges and peeling on your nails during the growth period, they're going to be that much harder to grow out. Get a rich hand and nail cream and double moisturize your nails. Your cuticles are going to be an issue if you ignore them. First soak and then apply cuticle cream. Take a Q-tip and push back the cuticles; a Q-tip will be softer on your cuticles than an actual cuticle stick. Take a break for the evening and hang with your friends. This means no messing with or polishing your nails; stop after your gentle care treatment.

The following day apply a nail polish. A covered nail is a protected nail. In fact, the entire time you're growing out your nails try to keep them covered with a polish. Many growth-enhancing treatment polishes are available on the market nowadays. These are great choices.

During the growing process, make sure to moisturize frequently, including after hand washing. Try to find a lotion that's portable (ideas below). Some of the best expert tips for growing out healthy nails can be found at Hooked On Nails, a website run by Marti Preuss. Preuss is a nail expert who was chosen as one of the most influential nail technicians of the '90s by Nails Magazine.

Growing Healthy Nails from the Inside Out

You can pamper your nails until the end of time, but if you aren't keeping your body all-over healthy it won't matter. You probably won't be able to grow out acrylic nails. Healthy nails need a healthy body to grow on. Make sure to drink plenty of water for cell regrowth, eat calcium-rich foods for strength, and do not try fad diets. The worse shape your body is in, the worse your nails will look. If you're very unhealthy, your nails will refuse to grow properly at all. Do yourself a favor and care for the whole package that is you.

Nail Products to Try

  • OPI makes an entire line of products called Manicure that has goodies like rejuvenating cream, finishing butter, and effervescent soak. The company also offers premium treatments. OPI has everything you need for do-it-yourself manicures, too.
  • H2O+ has a great award-winning silk protein and vitamin E hand and nail cream for on-the-go and at home.

Good luck and happy nail growing.

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