How to Apply Pink and White Acrylic Nails

Pink Nail Designs

Knowing how to apply pink and white acrylic nails can add a touch of elegance to your look for a special event, or just spice up an ordinary day at the office.

How to Apply Pink and White Acrylic Nails

As far as manicures go, acrylic nails are still a fairly new trend. They are popular due to their wide selection of colors, designs and other optional features. Out of all the acrylic choices, the traditional pink and white design continues to reign supreme. While some women go to a professional salon to get their nails added on, many women are beginning to learn how to apply pink and white acrylic nails on their own to help cut costs and to have the fun experience of creating their own beauty treat at home.

To apply the nails, you will need:

  • nail prep
  • nail primer
  • monomer
  • a nail brush
  • pink polish
  • white polish
  • clear polish
  • nail file and scissors

Step One

The first step toward a successful application is to wash your hands thoroughly. If you are going to a professional manicurist, bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you to make sure your hands are clean and ready to receive the application fully. Before washing your hands, use polish remover to rid your nails of any residue or old, chipped paint.

Step Two

Trim and file your nails down. It is important your nails are well groomed and even in length before you apply the acrylics. Shorter nails respond much better to acrylics, so eliminate any excess outgrowth that isn't necessary now that you are going for false nails.

Step Three

Purchase a soft file at your local drugstore or beauty supply shop. Use this to remove the natural shine your nail probably has. This is basically stripping the nail of its top layer, which will help theacrylic's glue to cling to the nail, reducing the risk of breakage.

Step Four

Push back your cuticles. This can be annoying and even painful, so many women choose to soak their nails first in a warm hand bath to make their hands as soft and manageable as possible.

Step Five

Now you may choose to further prepare your nail base by applying inexpensive nail prep. This removes excess moisture and oil from the nail bed and can also be purchased at a drugstore of beauty supply shop.

Step Six

Apply primer to the nail. It will dry to a flaky white, and even though this looks unattractive, it is actually the ideal goal for prime application.

Step Seven

Dampen your brush and dip it into the monomer. Collect only a bit of powder - a little goes a long way!

Step Eight

Form a bead with the monomer and then flatten it with the tip of your brush. Brush it all the way to the tip of the nail. Repeat this on all ten of your nails and allow them to dry completely.

Step Nine

Apply false nails. File them down, cut them or shape them to your desired look.

Step Ten

Paint the entire nail with the pink polish and allow to dry. Apply adhesive to the base of the nail tip area you wish to be white (to form a French manicure which makes up pink and white acrylics). Paint the uncovered tip with the white polish. Allow to dry. Run a clear coat of polish over your entire nail and dry.

These steps are all you need to do to learn how to apply pink and white acrylic nails. As you become more skilled at application, you can begin to embellish your French manicure with jewels, decals, or different colors of paint to accent your simple design.

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How to Apply Pink and White Acrylic Nails