How to Apply Concealer

woman applying concealer

A concealer tutorial can help anyone disguise blemishes flawlessly. No one needs to know you're hiding anything under a layer of concealer when you apply it the right way.

The Need for Concealer

Not everyone needs or uses concealer, but if you feel your complexion could use some evening out -- with or without full coverage from a foundation -- a light application of concealer can help perfect your skin. What you wish to cover will determine how elaborate your concealer tutorial will be. Some women only use this cosmetic to cover dark circles beneath the eyes. Others use it to disguise minor blemishes or freckles. Still others use a concealer that's lighter than their skin tone to highlight certain areas of the face in order to make them more prominent.

If your foundation adequately covers undereye circles, you may not want to add a concealer to your makeup rotation; it's a personal preference that's guided by how much time you want to spend on makeup application, budget and need.

Methods for Applying Concealer

Putting on makeup is a skill, and as with any skill, practice makes perfect. Applying concealer isn't hard, but following some basic tips will ensure you do a great job. You don't need fancy cosmetic tools to put concealer on, but if you like makeup accessories, you can always use a brush made specifically for this coverage. For a basic concealer tutorial, you can use any of the following:

A concealer brush is flat and features a slightly tapered, rounded tip. It's small enough for detail work, such as getting under the eyes or covering pimples or small blemishes without touching surrounding areas.

Under the Eyes

  1. Use a brush or clean fingers to apply concealer beneath the eyes. If you use your hands, use your ring finger to put it on; using this finger instead of your pointer finger ensures less pressure is applied to the delicate eye area.
  2. Dot concealer in four or five places under the eyes.
  3. Blend well by dabbing lightly, making sure there's no visible line around the application area.
  4. Work from the inner corner to the outside and stop at the outer corner.

For Disguising

  1. Dot concealer on top of a blemish or other area you wish to cover.
  2. Rub over it in a circular motion to blend it in well.
  3. Use a sponge to dab concealer around either side of the base of the nose.
  4. Blend well to make it disappear into your skin.

For Highlighting

  1. Use a brush or sponge to apply concealer over foundation. This is the only instance where concealer should be applied on top of your base.
  2. Lightly brush concealer down the center of the nose or in the middle of the chin.
  3. Blend outward, making a seamless finish where the concealer meets the surrounding skin.

Success Tips

  1. Concealer should be the same shade as your foundation or just slightly lighter. A color that doesn't blend into your skin will call attention to flaws instead of hiding them.
  2. Put moisturizer on and let it "set" for several minutes before applying concealer.
  3. Wherever you apply concealer, it should come before foundation.
  4. Use a very lightweight concealer if you wear foundation over it.

Natural Beauty

Every woman doesn't need a concealer tutorial, but it's useful to know how to apply it well, whether or not you wear foundation. Choose the perfect shade and you can easily disguise any imperfections or bring certain areas of your face to the forefront. While not absolutely necessary, concealer can be an important part of your cosmetic arsenal, allowing you to enhance and perfect your natural beauty.

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