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Creating scene makeup styles is easy with Harajuku makeup. To learn more about this ancient Japanese makeup style, read on.

About Harajuku Makeup

Harajuku makeup is a style of cosmetic application that became popular amongst the Harajuku street performers in Tokyo, Japan. Chock full of creative inspiration, Harajuku makeup has no limits. Whether you opt for a classic Lolita style face or go wild with vibrant eye color and lashes, the following Harajuku makeup tips will ensure your look is unique and becoming to you.

While many Harajuku fans opt for classic gothic styles, others keep their look sweet and feminine. Whether you go extreme or sexy, consider your face a canvas and get creative with the following Harajuku makeup essentials:

White Eyeliner

To help awaken and enlarge the eye area, Harajuku cosmetic artists rely on white eyeliner. Draw a white line on the upper eyelid to create an ethereal and dramatic Geisha glow. A light v-shape application in the corner of the eye is less wild but still promises illumination.

Bold Eyeshadow

Go wild with eyeshdow for a traditional Harajuku makeup style. Pink eyeshadow applied all over the lid with a gilded eyeshadow on the brow bone and in the crease is a perfect Harajuku look. For a feminine style, pair pink eyeshadow with purple or white shadow with black in the crease. For a more extreme look, wear different colors on each lid or change the application to include sweeps and curvature. Adding a design element to the application creates an artful result.

False Eyelashes

No Harajuku makeup style would be complete without false eyelashes. Bring on the most fanciful lashes you can find for true Lolita style . If you're not a fan of false eyelashes, why not test out Japan's Fairydrops Scandal Queen patented mascara? Just released in the United States exclusively at Sephora stores, Fairydrops promises fantasy eyes. Whether you glue them on or rely on a tube, make sure lashes are wild and well defined with added length, volume and depth.

Dark Lipliner and Lipstick

Harajuku offers a very abstract approach to cosmetic coloring. Rather than pair bold or pastel color with a light lip, it works best to go dramatic and create a serious gothic pout. Line lips in a vampy hue and apply a dark red on lips. Add a dab of clear opalescent gloss in the center for come hither shine.

Highlighting Powder

Brighten your temples and capture a doll-like glow with a highlighting powder applied to cheeks and your brow bone. One sweep with a Kabuki brush is all you need to cast a sexy sheen.

Glitter and Adhesive Sequins

For the truly exuberant, glitter is a makeup bag essential;. Apply facial glitter liberally above your eyelids and brow bones for an ethereal effect. Adhesive rhinestone decals placed strategically on your face can also add a whimsical touch to your Harajuku makeup.

Get Inspired

Harajuku looks are fun

To create Harajuku looks, consider listening to music from Gwen Stefani; the ordinal Harajuku lover herself. You can also see a myriad of images from many of Gwen's videos, as she often has her Harajuku girls with her, in full costume, singing and dancing to their heart's content.

Another good step? Invest in a good set of brushes to ensure you have the right tools for the job. A basic eyelash curler, blush brush, eyeshadow and lip brush are essential for flawless application and are just as important as the cosmetics.

While most department store cosmetic counters offer hands on tutorials for makeup application, not all beauty consultants will be familiar or comfortable with Harajuku makeup. For best results, get inspired from Japanese based beauty lines such as Shiseido or Shu Uemura. Shu carries a wide line of false eyelashes perfect for Harajuku style. Their artistic beauty consultants even provide hands on application to help you achieve the Harajuku looks you crave. Take the time to stop by either of these Japanese cosmetic line counters in your local department store and delve into the wild and colorful world of Japanese cosmetics and Harajuku inspired style.

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