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Most horror movies are scary but some are also iconic. A rare few inspire endless strings of sequels, parodies, and merchandise. Child's Play is a prime example. If you have a themed party coming up, are looking for Halloween makeup inspiration, or simply want to embrace your inner doll, create this Chucky inspired makeup look.

Everything You Need

To transform yourself into the classic Good Guy doll (possessed by serial killer Charles Lee Ray) there are a few things you will need. The essentials include:

  • Face Products: moisturizer, primer, foundation, translucent powder
  • Brow Must-Haves: eyebrow pencil and powder
  • Eyeliner: black liquid liner and white pencil liner
  • Lip Liner: red lip pencil (Optional: costume makeup grease pencils in black and red)
  • Eyeshadow: red, black, dark grey, medium brown, medium purple

Creating a Chucky-Inspired Makeup Look

Chucky is so much more than a character in a film. This doll is an undeniable symbol of the horror genre. Once you have your supplies ready, it is time to undergo a seriously scary makeover.

Start with a Flawless Base

It is important to prep and prime your skin, even when you are creating a gory makeup look. Start by applying a face moisturizer. Once the product has settled into the skin, apply a makeup primer. From there:

  1. Use a small stippling brush or beauty blender to apply your foundation. It should match your natural skin tone and work with your skin type.
  2. Do not use concealer unless you have a noticeable blemish or area of redness to cover up. Simply dust on a translucent powder to set your foundation.
  3. Run an eyebrow pencil through your brows to fill in any sparse areas. The pencil should be a shade or two lighter than your natural color. Go over the pencil with a light brow powder to keep it all in place.

Add on Gory Face Details

  1. Outline areas in red (around your eye and wherever you want there to be blood) using a lip liner. You can add as many or as few scars as you like. Remember, the more you include, the spookier your finished look will be.
  2. Give the color more intensity by packing a red eyeshadow over top of the lip liner, using a small pencil brush.
  3. Add a highlight to the scarred sections by running white eyeliner underneath each red line. This will create the perfect amount of contrast!
  4. Use black liquid eyeliner (the Liquid Eye Liner from MAC in Boot Black works well and will last all night long) to create Chucky's signature staples. Layer them over top of the red areas. Again, you can add as many as you like. Let your creativity run wild!

Perfect the Look With Depth and Details

Take your horror movie makeup look one step further by creating depth with eyeshadow. All you need to do is:

  1. Apply a black or dark grey shadow through the crease (on the bloody eye) and underneath the lower lash line. This will make your look darker, spookier, and a little more realistic.
  2. Use a medium brown eyeshadow underneath the opposite eye to create a weathered, tired, look. An optional step is to use a medium purple shadow as well. This will create the illusion of light bruising. (Check out this YouTube video to find out how you can create a fake bruise using eyeshadow.)
  3. Add a little foundation on your lips to give them that washed out look.

Finishing Touches

Your Chucky makeup look is almost complete! There are a few ways to take your costume to the next level.

  • Throw on a striped t-shirt and a pair of overalls (or splurge on a full-blown Chucky costume)
  • Pop in a pair of blue contact lenses
  • Add a little red to your hair

The latter is a great way to amp up the scare factor. Try combing through red hair mascara for a temporary pop of color, using hair chalk, or wearing a Halloween wig.

Chucky Makeup for Girls

There is more than one way to wear Chucky makeup! It is possible to take this classic horror movie villain and create an unforgettable (and glamorous) costume for women. A few suggestions include:

  • Adding on false eyelashes to make this look more girly than gory. The falsies may be thick, natural, or even red, like these color lashes. It all depends on what you want to create.
  • Wearing a long red wig (or adding in some temporary hair dye) and curling the length. This will give your horror movie look some unexpected softness.
  • Wearing a red lip-gloss or lipstick to give your Chucky makeup a more polished finish.

Have Fun With This Horror Movie Style

Makeup allows you to be anyone you want to be? at least for a little while! Whether you are prepping for a Halloween party, heading to a themed event, or want to showcase your skills, you are sure to impress with this Chucky-inspired look.

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