Cheshire Cat Makeup

Woman modeling full Cheshire cat makeup

The Cheshire cat is one of the most beloved characters in literary history. Known for its giant grin and mischievous attitude, this iconic figure from Alice and Wonderland has won the hearts of many. For a makeup look guaranteed to make you smile, simply get in touch with your inner animal.

Everything You Need

One word that best describes the Cheshire cat is memorable. This character is never shy or retiring, even though it has a habit of disappearing! To create a look inspired by this fantastic feline, you will need the following:

  • Face Products: Moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, bronzer, and powder
  • Eyebrow Essentials: Brow pencil and powder
  • Eyeshadow Shades: Medium purple, vibrant purple, bright pink, white, black, and burnt orange
  • Other Eye Musts : Eyeshadow primer, black liquid eyeliner, white eyeliner, false eyelashes and lash glue
  • Cheek products: Mauve or purple-toned blush
  • Optional Extras: Black and white face paint

How to Get Your Cheshire Cat Look

Now that you have those must-have supplies on hand, it's time to get started. This creation will make you the star of any themed party or Halloween event you attend.

Start With the Skin

Though this look is dramatic and over the top, it starts off pretty simply.

  1. Begin by applying moisturizer all over your face. Allow the product to settle into the skin and then add on your face primer.
  2. Use a beauty blender or stipple brush to apply your foundation. (Both will give the makeup a flawless and natural-looking finish).
  3. Dot on concealer to cover up any visible blemishes or areas of redness.
  4. Make good use of your bronzer by contouring the face. (Around the hairline, along the sides of the nose, and below the cheekbones.) Go a little more dramatic with the bronzer than you would on a normal day. After all, this look is not meant to be subtle!
  5. Set all face products with a powder.

Get Perfectly Arched Brows

Now to take care of the brows. Well-groomed eyebrows (that are slightly dramatic) will accent the bolder makeup look you are creating.

  1. Grab a brow pencil and play up your natural shape, making sure you exaggerate the arch. (The pencil should be a shade lighter than your natural brow shade, unless you decide to create your own colored eyebrows).
  2. Use an angled brush to apply brow powder over top. This will set the shape you created with the pencil.

Achieve Cat Inspired Eyes

Dramatic cat eyes are essential as they will balance out that wide grin. To start:

  1. Use your fingers to apply a good eyeshadow primer all over the eyelids. This step makes eyeshadow shades more vibrant, helps them stay put, and prevents creasing.
  2. Work a burnt orange eyeshadow through the crease. This transition shade will help you build the shape and add warmth.
  3. Add a medium purple shade to the outer corner of the eye. Then pack a vibrant purple all over the lid using a flat shadow brush.
  4. Apply a bright pink eyeshadow to the inner corner and blend until the pink and purple are well mixed. Deepen the crease with black shadow.
  5. Grab your white eyeliner and run it along the lower lash line, starting from the inner corner and stopping halfway. Pack white eyeshadow over top to intensify the look.
  6. Next, use a pencil brush to apply black eyeshadow along the outer half of your lower lash line. Run that vibrant purple underneath to bring it all together.
  7. Use black liquid eyeliner to line the upper lash line, creating an exaggerated wing at the end. An optional step is to bring your liner further into that inner corner. This will create a sharper and more dramatic look.
  8. Put a coat of mascara on the upper and lower lashes. You can stop there or intensify the eyes with a pair of false eyelashes.
Woman modeling Cheshire cat eye makeup

Create Cute and Colorful Cheeks

The cheeks are a quick and easy way to incorporate color and have a little fun. Begin by:

  1. Taking a mauve or purple-toned blush (NYX has a great one in the shade Code Breaker, or you can use a mauve eyeshadow instead) and apply it to the apples of the cheeks.
  2. Now to draw on your cat whiskers. Use black liquid eyeliner to draw three whiskers on each cheek.

Add on a Noteworthy Nose

Though the main focal point of this makeup look is that unforgettable grin, there is one detail that cannot be overlooked. To create a simple cat nose:

  1. Take your black eyeliner and draw a rounded "m" shape on the tip of your nose. Draw a line down the centre. (This can be done with either liquid or pencil eyeliner, depending on your preferences).
  2. Fill in each section with the vibrant purple eyeshadow used on the eyelids.
Woman modeling Cheshire cat cheeks and nose

Grin From Ear to Ear

Finally, it is time to start working on that Cheshire cat grin. This is without a doubt the most important part of this makeup look, so be sure to take your time. Refer to the image at the top to help create this look.

  1. This toothy grin can be achieved by using black and white eyeliner. However, face paints are preferable as they have a little more longevity and vibrancy. Choose your medium before you begin.
  2. Draw out the shape of your smile. It should start above your lips and go well past your natural smile. (You can go as big and bold as you like, or add on embellishments, like in this YouTube tutorial). For the best results, start just above the cupid's bow and work your way out.
  3. Once you have the basic shape of your mouth drawn out, create the outline of the teeth.
  4. Fill them in using white eyeliner or white face paint.
  5. Use black paint or liner to cover up any remaining space.
  6. Finish off with a setting spray and add on any finishing touches. A pair of cat ears works well, as does a hair ribbon or cat earrings.

Remember, this part of the process may take a bit of time and tweaking. Do your best to be patient and keep going. You can achieve the perfect Cheshire cat grin with a little practice.

Variations of Cheshire Cat Makeup

There are many versions of the Cheshire cat, from books and comics to movies and cartoons. That means there are countless ways to alter this makeup look. For instance, if you want to give this a little Disney flair, incorporate as much purple as possible. Use purple face paint, add on pink and purple stripes, and make it as cartoon-inspired as possible.

Another option is to create a Cheshire cat from the live action Alice in Wonderland movie. This look focuses more on blue shades, giant eyes, and has creepier undertones. Take a look at this movie makeup tutorial for a dose of inspiration.

Stand Out With This Unforgettable Creation

Whether you are looking for a flawless Halloween costume or want to elevate your next movie night, this Cheshire cat makeup is all you need. The number of variations mean you can stick with a basic look, or branch out and use your imagination to create a truly one-of-a-kind cat.

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