Half Moon Manicure

Half moon manicure

A half moon manicure is a classic look reminiscent of 1940s Hollywood glamour. Increasingly popular, you can get this nail look at your favorite salon or try it at home.

About the Half Moon Manicure

The crisp look of the half moon manicure will get your nails noticed quickly. This manicure features half-moon shapes at the tips of the nails with a complement of dark polish and natural nail tones. The bottom portion of the nails remains clear and clean looking while the top half of the nail is painted. Unlike the white tips of the French manicure or the off-white of the American manicure, the half moon style uses nail polishes from the darker range of colors .

People like wearing this type of manicure when they want just a touch of dark color, rather than covering the entire nail. Perfect for fall and winter when dark nail colors are frequently coupled with autumn wardrobes, this kind of manicure leaves nails shiny and well groomed.

The half moon nail technique looks best on rounded nails that are medium to long length.

DIY Half Moon Nails

Not everyone has the time or extra cash to go to the nail salon to try a new nail look. Give yourself this nail polish style sitting at your vanity or dining room table. Take your time and get pretty nails that will last you for days.


To end up with flawless-looking nails you need to start with a good basic manicure. Your nail polish will look sloppy and may chip easily if you apply polish to unkempt nails. Use these steps to prep your fingernails.

  1. Wash your hands and clean the tops and bottoms of fingernails with a fingernail brush.
  2. Remove any old nail polish with cotton balls and nail polish remover.
  3. Trim the nails to even the lengths. Use small nail clippers to get a clean clip.
  4. Shape the nails with an emery board.
  5. Squirt cuticle remover on the cuticles. Wait one minute then push the cuticles back with an orange stick.
  6. Wash your hands again and pat them dry.

Supplies You Will Need

Gather the following supplies before starting your cool half moon look.

  • Paper towel
  • Base coat
  • Manicure strips
  • Dark nail polish
  • Nail polish corrector pen
  • Top coat

How To Get the Look

Follow this how-to section to achieve this glamorous look.

  1. Place a paper towel on your workspace to protect your tabletop from damage.
  2. Paint the fingernails with a base coat. Allow the coat to dry before moving on to the next step. This should take one to two minutes.
  3. Position the manicure strips on your fingernails. Each strip should hang over the sides of your nail about one-quarter inch. These guides will help you get the perfect half moon shape you want.
  4. Allow the color to dry, then remove the stick-on guides.
  5. Apply a top coat to seal in the nail polish color.
  6. Use a nail polish correcting pen to erase nail mistakes.

Nail Polish Suggestions

Getting the perfect polish will make your manicure sizzle. Try these nail polish suggestions for a sensational look.

  • OPI Black Onyx
  • OPI DS Magic
  • Wet N Wild Eggplant Frost
  • Wet N Wild Night Prowl
  • Cover Girl Plum Pudding
  • Cover Girl Midnight Magic

A half moon manicure is a fun nail style to wear for a special night out. Getting this look yourself is easy with the right tools and nail polish.

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