French Pedicure for Men

Men are taking better care of than feet than ever before

In today's society, where metro-sexual males make combining style and beauty trendy, a French pedicure for men has become commonplace. After all, men who care about how they look want their feet to look nice and clean as part of a well-put-together appearance.

What Is a French Pedicure?

A French pedicure is a pampering foot care regimen, which includes an exfoliation process as well as a clear nail polish application to give toes a natural, healthy, clean appearance. The process begins by soaking feet in a hot tub of water (at salons, there are usually special chairs with jets in the tubs). After a period of soaking, feet are scrubbed and exfoliated, most often with a pumice stone. Then, a moisturizing lotion is applied to re-energize the skin on the top and bottom of the foot.

It is best to wait until your nails have grown out somewhat to make the French pedicure look good. It is also preferable to shape your nails into a square shape to get the line as even as possible. The clear polish is then applied; followed by a thin, strip of white polish at the tip of the toenail. The pedicure ultimately enhances the natural look of clean, healthy toes.

French Pedicure for Men Application

To perform a French pedicure on your toenails, use the following steps:

  • Begin by applying the base coat to the nail. This is usually a peach color that closely mimics the color of your actual toenail. If your toe is naturally darker in color, such a light tan or brownish-tone, use a polish that has more brown undertones for a better match. Make sure you do long, even strokes over each toe with a motion starting from the bed of the nail to the tip.
  • After letting it dry, then it is time to apply the white tip. This is the most difficult part of the process. With a steady hand, paint a single thin strip of white polish across the very top of the toenail. The line should be as straight and as smooth as possible. If it is too big or small, the entire pedicure will not look as natural. The line should get smaller as you work your way down to the smaller toes.
  • After making sure that your toenails are completely dry, apply the final clear top coat. Some men like a transparent layer of pink over the toenails once the pedicure is completed, but this step is not a necessity for achieving the perfect pedicure. Once the polish has dried, you are finished.

Salon versus Home Experience

The convenience of doing a pedicure in the comfort of your own home cannot be beat. After all, gathering a few materials and spending time in your own space, pampering yourself is all it takes. That being said, the salon experience just cannot be beat. While you will spend more money going to a salon, it is the ultimate exercise in relaxation. Kick back, let someone else do the work, and you leave with amazing-looking feet. Many men shy away from visiting salons because the concept of French pedicures for men is still fairly new. However, salons do want to court the segment of the male population who wants to take advantage of this service. To encourage male customers, some salons offer a guy-only spa day or evening manis and pedis just for men. This allows men to head to a salon, fully enjoy the pedicure experience and avoid feeling out of place in what is considered a women-only zone.

Overall, there are many men out there who enjoy taking this time out to themselves, whether at home or in a salon to relax and take measures to enhance the appearance of their feet.

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French Pedicure for Men