Exotic Makeup

Captivating Exotic Makeup


Exotic makeup styles can give you an ethereal, otherworldly look. This kind of makeup can look earthy or even tropical with bright colors and bronzed skin. More typically, this style appears fantasy-based with unusual drawings and accents painted on the face.

Wearing exotic type makeup is a nice way to enhance hair or fashion accessories and make your look stand apart.

Play up the colors in your eyes by applying makeup colors that deepen their look. A row of small jewels or interesting markings placed on the bridge of the nose will also look lovely.

Face and Body Makeup


Bring the beauty of the face and body together with an all over the body look.

Black painted swirls that caress one side of the face and wind around the body resemble tribal makeup styles from faraway lands.

Eye Jewelry


One way to get an faraway look is to add jewels to your makeup.

After applying lush, false lashings and copper eyeshadow, top the brow with copper, gold and glitzy stones.

Bindis are easily glued in place with body glue. This combination of jewelry and makeup is often known as "bindi-style."

Performance Makeup


You can find exotic makeup styles at performances like plays or concerts. Artists often utilize unusual makeup looks to help convey emotion or a thought.

Makeup enhances costumes and sets which helps immerse the performer and audience into the performance.

Mardi Gras revelers also wear this type of makeup when they ride floats or participate in Mardi Gras balls.

Eye Masks


Painted eye masks that use vibrant colors are a good way to look enchanting.

A painted on mask gives the wearer freedom to have fun incognito without wearing something on her face.

Paint eye masks use shadow colors above, on and below the eye.

Full Face Makeup


Some of these sexy looks employ makeup in ways outside the mainstream. In this picture, bold blue eyeshadow is used to accent the cheekbones.

The eyeliner is applied under the eye but also dips down in the inner corner and up at the outer.

Expressive Eyes


Elongate eyes with makeup that makes the eye look exotic.

This expressive makeup application focuses on the lips and eyes together.

Tribal and Lovely


Lovely dark skin tones look stunning with glowing makeup, heavily accented eyes and face jewelry.

This fantasy makeup look wraps around the side of the face without hindering the beauty of the eyes.

Notice the lips have a dark matte color but are still bright and playful.

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Exotic Makeup