Indian Eye Makeup Tips

Model in Indian makeup.

Capturing the look of Asia is easier than ever thanks to a few cosmetic products created specifically for Indian eyes. The following Indian eye makeup tips and products are all you need to create a smoky and sultry gaze perfect for a night of dancing.

Capture the Indian Eyes Look

Whether you want to enhance your almond shaped eyes for a night out or rely on smoky eyes as your daily makeup style, it can be tricky to apply Indian eyeliner at first. Be sure you set plenty of time aside to practice traditional Indian eyeliner application to ensure you're comfortable with the process and to ensure flawless results.

Kohl Liner

Kohl Liner

Perhaps the most well known and versatile cosmetic used to create Indian and Egyptian eye makeup, loose kohl powder is an essential beauty item for sexy looks. Usually bottled and applied with a brush or specifically shaped applicator, kohl is used to line the waterline on the lower and upper lash. While waterlining can take some practice, the results are well worth it. Not only will eyes appear more defined, waterlining also helps to create the exotic look favored in Indian eye makeup styles. Kohl liner can be applied as liberally as desired to create a multitude of sexy looks.For more smudge, work the kohl onto the crease of the eye.

Rhinestone Bindi Decals

Woman with bindis

To add an extra layer of oomph to a traditional Indian eye, why not rely on decorative decals? Rhinestone adhesive decals add a glamorous element to the eye area. Bindis can be applied on both eyes above or below the brow bone and can be applied in a single or more artistic manner depending on how ornate you want the outcome. Colored bindis can represent a variety of chakras and are also worn to offer protection from negativity as well as to enhance energies. Visit Shopbindi to learn all about bindis and to order a variety of adhesive styles.


Blue mascara

While black mascara is a traditional choice for Indian eyes, colored mascara can add an exotic element to your look. Explore the world of colored mascara for a special evening. Try wearing a sapphire blue to define blue eyes or rely on a rich burgundy for hazel eyes. Ebony-eyed ladies can test out a multitude of mascara and find one with depth that defines their natural color.

While a traditional tube mascara can be applied liberally to define lashes, cake mascara are all the more exotic and work well for Indian eye makeup styles. Unlike a wand mascara, cake mascara are applied directly onto the lashes using a firm damp brush. In addition to a more natural looking lash, cake mascara offer plenty of depth and sex appeal. Why not test out this vintage favorite to add some drama to your Indian eye style while reaping the benefits of the long wearing formula?

Create a Glowing Complexion

Woman applyng bronzer

After you've applied a sexy Indian eye you'll want to finish and set your face with a bronzer to create a mystical glow. With a large Kabuki brush, apply a deep bronzer on cheeks, across the forehead and down the bridge of the nose to add depth and a light sheen.

Consult an Expert About Indian-Style Eye Makeup

Sultry Indian styles are perfect for summer nights, tropical vacations, or whenever you want to feel sexy and mysterious. For hands-on help in creating an Indian eye, stop by your local department store cosmetic counters. Guerlain is well known for their exotic facial and cosmetic powders that help promise to deliver sexy Indian style. A beauty consultant can help you create your very own exotic look while briefing you on kohl application as well. With some practice and a small investment in traditional Indian cosmetics, you can create a unique and sexy makeup style sure to turn heads.

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Indian Eye Makeup Tips