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Asian bridal makeup
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Every bride wants to look radiant and glowing on their big day, and with a few simple tips and tricks you can find the right Asian bridal makeup look to suit your taste. There are a few key factors to consider when preparing for a wedding makeup application including, prepping skin months in advance, choosing a makeup artist that works with Asian skin tones and selecting the right makeup brands.

Preparing Your Canvas

While makeup can hide many flaws, it can't work miracles. It's best to make your skin is in tip top shape for your wedding by getting regular facials and skin treatments at least three months in advance. Never introduce a new product into your regimen too close to your wedding day because the consequences could be dire; you could have an allergic reaction or breakout. Also, never get a facial less than a week away from your wedding date because skin can sometimes break out in blemishes after a treatment.

On the day of your wedding, make sure skin is freshly washed and moisturized so your makeup goes on evenly and flawlessly.

Selecting a Makeup Artist

Many brides elect to hire a makeup artist to create their perfect wedding day look instead of doing their own makeup. Even if you're makeup savvy, having a professional do your makeup creates a more relaxing and enjoyable experience, which is exactly what you want leading up to your I do's. There are a few things to consider when selecting your makeup artist:

  • Ask if your artist applies airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup application is becoming increasingly popular, especially for bridal makeup, because it lasts all day and into the night, covers every flaw and looks very natural.
  • Make sure your artist has worked with Asian bridal makeup. Applying bridal makeup on Asian skin differs because Asian skin tones tend to be very yellow in undertone and you want your makeup artist to perfectly match your skin tone and not use a foundation that has pink or peach undertones. Asian eye makeup can also be tricky for an inexperienced makeup artist because you want to enhance the eyelid crease.
  • Always have a trial run before your big day. Many makeup artists include a trial in the cost of booking, essentially making the trial makeup application free if you book that particular makeup artist for your wedding day. Try to bring in pictures of makeup looks you are interested in and work with your artist to create a look that's perfect for you.

Asian Makeup Brands

Whether you are working with a makeup artist or doing your own makeup, there are a few makeup brands that cater specifically to Asian skin tones. Remember that any good quality makeup line can be used as long as the foundation, concealer and other makeup shades match well.

  • Shiseido is a skin care and cosmetic line that has a large range of makeup shades that are flattering to Asian skin tones.
  • NARS, a prestige makeup line, has several foundation shades that were developed specifically for Asian skin to match the yellow undertone.
  • MAC Cosmetics has an extensive shade range of foundations, blush and eye shadow colors that work on every skin tone from Asian to African American.

Choose Your Makeup Style

When searching for a look that fits your personal style and wedding day theme consider a classic, romantic or dramatic Asian bridal makeup look. You can work with your makeup artist to tailor each look to how you've always envisioned looking on your wedding day.

Classic Makeup

A classic wedding makeup look usually involves beige or taupe on the eyes, a soft pink or peach shade on cheeks and either a rosy lipstick shade or a classic cherry red. A classic makeup look is all about looking polished and natural. These makeup shades are great for a traditional wedding ceremony and reception or if you love a sleek, defined look.

Romantic Makeup

If you've always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding and feeling like a princess, a romantic makeup look may be just what you need. This look is all about soft pink or lavender on the eyes, shimmery pink cheeks and a shiny pink pout. A romantic makeup look is great for outdoor summer weddings.

Dramatic Makeup

If you usually wear the works in your everyday life, why scale back on your wedding day? A dramatic makeup look usually entails a smoky eye, neutral cheeks and a pale lip. Dark grays can actually make Asian eyes look smaller, so work with your makeup artist to develop a smoky eye look that works for your eye shape. If you're having an over the top affair, a dramatic makeup look will fit right in.

Asian Bridal Makeup Tips

Although modern bridal makeup can be used on any woman regardless of background, there are a few concerns particular to women of Sian descent when it comes to cosmetics for the big day.

Covering Blemishes and Dark Circles

Blemishes and dark circles are concerns for any bride, but for women with Asian skin that has an olive or yellow undertone, it can be tricky to find the right products to match the skin tone correctly and cover dark under eye circles, blemishes, or scars. Visiting a cosmetics counter and testing products is the best way to ensure the perfect match. Concealer products to consider include Laura Mercier's Secret Camoulage, Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer and Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer.

Contouring the Face

Facial contouring is a makeup technique that uses products to highlight some areas of the face and darken others to create the llusion of a more balanced face shape. Since women of Asian background may have square or round faces, they may want to contour the face for their bridal look, particularly if it the makeup style is more of a soft, romantic look. To create a longer, more oval face shape, the top edges of the forehead, the sides of the chin and nose, and the hollow of the cheeks can be darkened slightly with bronzer or foundation in a shade or two darker than your skin tone.

A facial highlighter or skin brightener applied to the tip of the nose, browbone, and center of the forehead and chin will add depth and help create the contours desired for a softer look.

Asian Eye Makeup Tips

There are dozens of different eye makeup looks brides can employ, but women with hooded or deep-set eyes often wonder how best to bring them out.

  • Avoid going heavy with the eyeliner. This will make eyes appear smaller. Either line the top lid only, or use a medium to light neutral shade of eyeliner on the bottom, and only draw the liner inward to the center of the eye and then stop.
  • Use a shimmery shadow on the browbone and a medium to dark shade in the outer corner of the eylid to give the illusion of more depth.
  • Don't be afraid to play with color. A bright or playful color of eyeshadow applied lightly on the top lid and paired with a medium to dark eyeliner color can help bring out the eyes in a feminine way. The color draws attention to the eyes, and avoiding a dark shade makes them appear larger.
  • Lush lashes: Many Asian ladies have straight lashes. Use a good quality eyelash curler, and make sure to curl lashes in both the middle and at the end to create a good curl. Choose a lengthening or curling mascara formula and allow lashes to dry just slightly between coats.
  • Try false lashes: Another alternative, especially for women whose lashes are particularly sparse or straight, is to use false eyelashes. The most natural look with flase lashes will be using individual lashes rather than a full strip. Focus on the outer corner of the eye, where lashes are naturally the longest. Placing even a few false lashes at the outer corner can really help open up the eye.
  • Brow beauty: While a bride wants her brows to look sculpted and beautiful for her wedding day, some Asian women make the mistake of going too dark. If your hair color is dark, don't try to match it. Instead, use a brow pencil a shade or two lighter than your hair to keep the look soft rather than harsh.

Perfect Lips

To make lips appear large and full, you can employ several tricks.

  • Line the lips with a nude color, and apply lipstick in just a slight shade lighter to fill in.
  • Apply a dab of clear, shimmery, or light-colored lip gloss in the center of the lower lip after applying lip gloss.
  • Choose a bright, eye-catching lip color for beautiful bridal lips. A brighter color helps lips appear larger and fuller. Coral and red colors can be good choices.

A Bridal Glow

No matter which bridal makeup look you choose, just remember to relax and enjoy your wedding day because the joy of marrying the one you love is really what makes you a truly beautiful and glowing bride.

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