Easter Nail Designs

Creative Easter Designs for Nails


Easter is a great time to adorn your nails with colorful pastel designs featuring bunnies, chicks and other fun patterns that evoke images of spring and rebirth. With so many fun options, you can easily create a personalized design with different images on each nail.

For this look, select a different pastel shade for the background of each nail, making sure that one is yellow. Add white to the bottom of the yellow nail to form a hatching chick. Draw a bunny face with ears on another nail using white. Finish the chick and bunny with black eyes, adding touches of pink to the bunny's ears and nose and a dot of orange for the chick's beak. Add white dots, lines or chevron stripes to your remaining nails.

Mix-and-Match Easter Nails


The possibilities and combinations are nearly endless when you opt for mix-and-match Easter-theme nails. Here again, each nail is painted with a different pastel shade to start and white polish is used to draw on a bunny and some other shapes. With this more colorful design, additional pastel shades and bright spring colors are used on each nail. Green grass below the bunny really makes the character nail stand out, and additional pops of color for dots and stripes on the other nails create a standout look.

Cute Chicks Toenail Polish


If you like the idea of varying patterns on your nails but you don't want something different on each nail, go with a look that features a character on one nail and a consistent pattern on all the others. This Easter pedicure features a light blue background on each nail with bright pink and white dots covering all but the big toe.

For the big toe, create a semi-circle with white polish to depict the bottom of the egg and top with a yellow circle to indicate a hatching chick. Extend yellow wings from either side of the circle and add eyes and a mouth with black. Fill in the mouth with a splash of bright pink and add bright pink dots to the egg.

Bunnies on a Diamond Background


If you want bunnies to be the predominant feature on your Easter manicure and would prefer that each nail have a similar design, this fun look is a great option. Paint each of your nails white, then add a background diamond pattern by using a silver fine tip nail art pen to draw diagonal lines across each nail in both directions.

Use a fine tip black nail art pen to add a bunny outline to each nail, then surround the bunny with pastel and brightly colored dots. Yellow, light green and bright pink dots are shown here, though you can opt for any spring-like shades that coordinate with your Easter outfit.

Note that drawing the lines requires a steady touch and does complicate this design a bit. You may want to visit a professional nail artist for this look, or possibly consider leaving the lines off altogether. This look would still be super-cute on a plain white background.

Pastel Easter Egg Nails


Oblong pops of color reminiscent of Easter eggs or jelly beans provide a simple, yet creative way to prepare your nails for Easter festivities if your nails are fairly long. For this look, start with a basic white background, then select your favorite springtime pastel shades to add an oval of color to the center of each nail. Here, soft yellow, blue and pink polish is used for the ovals. You could add in lavender and light green if you'd like each nail to be a different color rather than repeating a shade.

Easter Egg Pattern


For a different take on pastel Easter egg nails consider a look like this one, which works on nails of any length and is simple to create. Here, each nail is covered with a different pastel shade, featuring yellow, blue, pink, green and orange. Splashes of white and silver are added as loosely formed ovals in uneven patterns across each nail, with plenty of room for the background color to show through.

Pastel Confetti


This lovely design is a great option for Easter that can also be worn after the holiday as a celebration of spring. Here, white polish is used to highlight the half-moon at the base of each nail with the remainder of the nail covered in a lovely pastel shade. A color is repeated here, but you could use additional shades to give each nail its own hue. Confetti-like squiggly lines dot the colored portion of each nail in an explosion of color that does a great job of signifying the exuberance of spring.

Bright Easter Nails


Easter nail designs don't have to be limited to pastel shades. Here, bright shades of pink, yellow, purple and green are used to cover the nails for a great spring look that works perfectly for Easter and beyond. Use the colors that cover each nail to create coordinating dots, adding in some white dots for additional pop. You can call the splashes of color Easter eggs for the holiday, then refer to them as polka dots after the big day!

Flower Nail Art for Easter


Flowers are also a great option for Easter nails that can be worn throughout spring. This lovely look features fairly abstract pink and yellow flowers highlighted with touches of green - all perfect tones for an Easter look. Use fine tip nail art pens to sketch on the outlines, then fill in with polish colors that match your outfit or the flowers that will adorn your table for the feast.

Of course, this isn't the only floral nail design option to consider. There are plenty of wonderful nail designs with flowers that would be perfect for Easter!

Pretty Easter Mani/Pedi

No matter what design you select for your fingernails or toenails, nail art provides a great way to ensure that your total look is appropriate for the Easter season. Choose your favorite spring colors for nails and add special touches that make the design you choose uniquely yours.

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