Do-It-Yourself Manicures

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Do-it-yourself Manicures are a great way to feel pampered without spending a lot of money. However, it can be a challenge to match the quality look of a professional job.

Beautiful Hands

Your hands are an important part of your overall beauty. You use them to talk, to complete daily tasks, and to get the rest of yourself looking gorgeous. So shouldn't you do what you can to keep your hands looking just as beautiful?

It can be much easier said than done when you take real life into account. Manicures can get expensive, and if you are a busy mom or find yourself juggling long hours at the office with your social life, the last thing on your mind is the condition of your fingernails.

If soaking at a nail salon just isn't your style, then consider do-it-yourself-manicures to rejuvenate your fingers and keep yourself accentuated with gorgeous detail.

Step-by-Step Manicure

The first task involved with do-it-yourself manicures is to set aside an adequate amount of time. Rushing through your nail job is one of the biggest mistakes made. After you have reserved at least 30 minutes for your do-it-yourself manicure, begin by removing any old nail polish with a cotton ball and remover. Be careful not to drag any of the old color onto your skin, as this can dry it out or irritate it.

After your nails are polish free, shape your nails with an emery board. File away any hangnails or rough edges so the tips are smooth and round. Cuticle cream is an optional third step if you have exceptionally rough skin on your fingers.

Consider also soaking your nails in a warm water bath for a few minutes in order to get your cuticles pliable and ready to hold polish. After your nails are clean and dry, you can apply a base coat of either clear or colored polish. Using nail hardener works better for some people, however it is completely up to personal preference.

Never redo your nails while they are wet, rather waiting for each coat to dry before reapplying. Two coats are a mandate to get a salon calibar look, however you may want to apply a third coat or clear nail polish on top of the color to solidify the polish and keep it looking fresher longer.

Do not shower or go swimming until your nails have had ample time to dry completely and are solid. Using a layer of sealer can be a final step that will help to prevent chipping and flaking of the paint.

A Little Help With Do-It-Yourself Manicures

Many drug stores and beauty supply shops carry inexpensive kits to help you achieve an ideal DIY manicure look. This is especially helpful if you are desiring a fancier look such as a french manicure. These include adhesive guides to help you separate the white polish from the pink, or whichever color combination you choose.

For the holidays you can have some fun with the french manicure style by using colors appropriate for the occasion such as red and green for Christmas, or blue and lavender for Easter. Press on acrylic nails are also available, however they are not usually recommended. Acrylics, or false nails, are designed to be applied by a professional and it is extremely difficult to get a quality look on your own.

Manicures are much easier than they seem, and with a little practice, you will never miss the salon and will always welcome your saved spending money!

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Do-It-Yourself Manicures