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Lancome makes for a flawless finish.

Lancôme is luxurious French brand of prestige cosmetics that sell in high end department stores such as Macy's and Neiman Marcus, but if you're a bargain shopper, there are ways to find cheap Lancôme makeup. With a little comparison shopping, you can snag Lancôme makeup at a great discount by visiting outlets and online discount retailers.

Places to Find Cheap Lancôme Makeup

It's easy to become a Lancôme fiend and want to scoop up everything from the best-selling Juicy Tubes Ultra Shiny lip gloss to eye shadow and liner palettes, but with prices averaging between $20 and $50, collecting Lancôme makeup can become an expensive habit. Fortunately, a few online shopping destinations offer bargains on Lancôme makeup.

Designer Discount Websites

Designer shopping destinations that offer deep discounts on high-end merchandise are becoming increasingly popular with savvy shoppers. Sites include Gilt Groupe, Rue La La and Beauty Story (the latter exclusively sells beauty products). The only caveat to these shopping sites is that sales last an average of two days and quantities are limited, so you're competing with other shoppers to score the best deal. The sales are also "pop-up sales," meaning that you can't log on and buy Lancôme at your leisure. The site needs to announce a specific Lancôme sale.

Memberships are required for these types of sites, but it's free and easy to sign up. You simply have to enter your email address and create a password and then get shopping.


Amazon is basically a catch-all for discounted goods. You can search by department and specific brand names to find the best prices on merchandise. Amazon works with independent retailers to bring the best deals to its shoppers. A quick search on Amazon for Lancôme cosmetics will bring up a lip and cheek gel color for $7.95, down from $19, a complete makeup set for $47, down from $92 and lipstick for $9, down from $22.50.

Shades and quantities can sometimes be limited, so you may have to do some in-depth shopping and check back frequently if you're looking for a specific item.

Strawberry NET

Strawberry NET is an online retailer that sells discounted cosmetics, fragrances and skin care. You're able to shop by brand, and then narrow down the product category to foundation, blush and lipstick. The amount the item is discounted depends on the specific product. Sometimes you save as little as 5 percent, and other times you can save as much as 30 percent.


eBay can be a great place to search for cheap Lancôme makeup. There are factors to consider when using this shopping destination, however, because many of the products for sale are from everyday people looking to unload some things they own, and not always merchants. When shopping for cosmetics on eBay, always make sure the product is labeled "new in box" in the description. eBay sellers sometimes post gently used cosmetics, which is unsanitary.

Also check out the seller's rating and feedback comments, which can help you spot a seller that is unpleasant to do business with.

Gift with Purchase

When all else fails and you're still searching for Lancôme products, the ever-popular gift with purchase can be a great way to snag some cheap Lancôme makeup. While you do have to purchase regularly-priced Lancôme makeup, the brand offers a gift with purchase a few times a year.

The process involves spending a certain amount of money on Lancome products, then you receive a free gift, which can be anything from a tote bag filled with full sized lipsticks, eye shadow palettes and a mini fragrance, to deluxe sample sizes of skin care products, a full-size mascara and blush compacts. Visit your local department store to check out when the next gift with purchase promotion is happening at the Lancôme counter.

Bargain Hunting

Lancôme is a brand that evokes luxury and prestige, but the savvy shopper can find deals on cosmetics and fragrances from the popular French brand. A little bargain hunting goes a long way to ensure that you never have to pay full price for Lancôme makeup again.

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