Black Nail Designs

Unique Black Nail Designs

Whether you already love a dark nail look, are looking for something new in your nail designs, or are looking for a nail design for Halloween, these black nail designs offer a number of ideas.

While many women may think of dark nails as strictly vampy or goth, black nails can also be versatile and very feminine.

Black Nails with Crystal Flowers

A glossy black polish can look bold and beautiful on its own. Pair it with a crystal floral design, and the look is strong yet feminine.

Black 80s Inspired Nail Design

The 80s are back in just about every way, from clothes to hair to makeup - why not nail designs? A lacy black design over hot pink polish is a perfectly 80s-style expression of individuality and excess.

Black and Gold Nail Design

Black can be toned down by layering other colors and designs over it, such as this gold glitter-dust polish design and creamy white gold flowers. A black nail look like this is elegant for evening.

Black Nail Tips

Go a little dark with black nail tips. Wear black tips alone for an easy Halloween look, or pair with a simple nail art design in a bright color to keep it lighter.

Long and Lacy Black Nails

If you don't think 'delicate' and black nail designs can go together, think again. These long, clear acrylic nails look fabulous with a pretty, lacy black nail design and artfully placed crystals.

Formal Black Nail Art Designs

Black and white wedding themes are a popular trend, and brides can even incorporate this look into nail designs for themselves and the wedding party. A glossy black nail with white designs looks fresh and modern.

Contrast with Focus Nail Art

For high impact, use a rich black polish and choose a single nail to highlight with a design. (The ring finger is a popular nail).

The green-gold design shown here on the focus nail provides an interesting contrast to the plain black nails.

Two-Toned Looks

While a simple black manicure looks modern, you don't always have to go for solid-colored nails. Instead, consider a two-toned look with black tips and another color on the base of the nail. Keeping just the tips dark leaves the rest of your nails free for feminine flourishes.

The Anti-French Manicure

Women have enjoyed changing the traditional French manicure into art forms.

Instead of white or cream tips, try black tips embellished with glittery details.

Cool Crackles

Do you love the current crackled look in manicures? Use black as one of the crackle polish colors, and it won't dominate your nails.

Bright yellow paired with this dark shade brings an unexpected nail look to light.

Sharply Defined

If you love long fingernails that hint at an element of danger, then this look may be your favorite.

The bed of the nails remain plain and unadorned, with all of the action focused on the tips.

Simple Black and White Design

For a crisp, contemporary look that's also a very simple nail art design, polish nails with black polish and bold white tips.

Whether you want strong black nails with a sweet touch, or a no-frills dark nail design, there are many creative options when it comes to black polish. Have fun experimenting with your own ideas.

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Black Nail Designs