Mary Kay Creme-to-Powder Foundation Makeup Review

Cream to powder foundation.
Is this look right for you?

My Mary Kay Crème-to-Powder Foundation review will reveal everything you need to know about this full coverage makeup product.

Product Description

When I ordered my foundation makeup from my Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, I was surprised to find the makeup does not come in a compact. This product comes in a plastic case that snaps open. My consultant explained to me that the makeup comes in these plastic containers because they are replaceable components for their exclusive compact.

The product sits in a metal tray that pops in and out of the magnetized compact in just a few seconds. The makeup weighs .35 ounces and comes in a clear and black plastic container. Cosmetic sponges do not come with the product; they cost extra. On the back of the product is a list of ingredients and on the front cover you will see the shade of makeup you selected. Here is a listing of the foundation shades available. This little goodie cost me $14 plus tax.

Crème-to-Powder Foundation Shades

  • Ivory 0.5
  • Ivory 1
  • Ivory 2
  • Beige 1
  • Beige 2
  • Beige 3
  • Beige 4
  • Bronze 0.5
  • Bronze 1
  • Bronze 2

How I Used It

I have really dry skin so I have developed a ritual of adding moisture to my face before applying foundation. With my 30th birthday firmly in my rear view mirror, I have seen my skin get rough and bumpy looking despite my careful skin care. I like full coverage foundation makeup because it covers these imperfections and makes my skin look flawless. My Mary Kay consultant told me that the Crème-to-Powder Foundation goes on effortlessly and dries gently as a matte powder.

I pulled my hair back in headband and dampened my cosmetic sponge. I found out later that dampening my sponge was not necessary when you moisturize your skin first. I smoothed on the creamy makeup starting at my forehead and worked down to my jaw line. I used the sponge to apply the makeup evenly around my nose and eyes. It went on smoothly and covered those annoying spots and bumps. I loved the way the makeup looked when I finished.

As I mentioned earlier, my skin is dry, very dry, so after a while I noticed that a few places around my mouth showed some creasing. I touched it up with my sponge. I was pleased to see that the makeup coverage did not darken where I reapplied.

My Mary Kay Creme-to-Powder Foundation Review

I have mixed feelings about this product. To be fair I love the actual foundation. The good coverage made my skin look great and I did get plenty of compliments. I did not like getting the product in a plastic case without a fresh sponge. Overall the price was good but there is a trade off. If you have dry skin and want a full coverage foundation that does not leave you feeling dry, you could not do better than this makeup. However, if you want something that looks as smart as it covers, you will need to pay an extra $20 for the compact. You can only purchase Mary Kay cosmetics through an Independent Beauty Consultant.

It's a Winner

Mary Kay's Creme-to-Powder foundation is a clear winner without the bells and whistles. Women with oily skin may want to avoid this product.

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Mary Kay Creme-to-Powder Foundation Makeup Review